The classic casino card game of poker travelled on an epic journey through Europe to the Old West, where it picked up new variations along the way. Then the cards made the technological leap from your hand to the computer screen, and video poker was born. Now a staple in the stable of the best online casino games, video poker is as popular as ever. There are many variations of video poker, so let’s take a moment to find out a bit about one of the most popular games.

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TV Meets Pc

Early video poker machines were large and crude by today’s standards (think 80s video arcade games). They combined a television monitor with a solid state central processing unit and a bunch of wires in a big box. One of the earliest video poker machine manufacturers was SIRCOMA, which stood for Si Redd’s Coin Machines. In 1979 SIRCOMA introduced a compact video poker machine featuring Draw Poker, and it took off like wildfire.

These early video poker units could be placed anywhere, and you didn’t need a huge casino to host them. They could be hiding in the corner of a bar or on the bar top itself. Of course, if gambling were illegal in the area, bar owners would just pay out in drinks instead of actual money or slip the lucky winner some cash under the table.

Early machines featured the classic 5-card draw poker game, and the player gets 5 cards after they put coins into the machine and press the ‘deal’ button. Just like in classic draw poker, the player can choose cards to discard and draw again. There is also the option to raise the initial bet in most cases.

Less Intimidating

Another reason for the massive success of video poker machines was that they were less intimidating for players. Rather than entering a large, bustling casino and sitting at a table with a bunch of cocky card sharks, a video poker player could just quietly gamble in relative privacy. They could also take their time deciding which cards to hold and discard without peer pressure. Video poker machines are preferred by Vegas locals who want to gamble in peace without the circus sideshow.

Once the technological revolution hit its stride, video poker machines made the biggest leap of all: from bar and casino space to cyberspace. Video poker software offers all the thrills and payouts of a classic machine without all the bulk or costly visits to a nearby casino. With an online casino, you can play a variety of video poker variations for free or real money, from the comfort of home or anywhere you have an internet connection.

Popular Video Poker Variations

There are many variations of video poker at your favourite online casino, and you’ll have plenty to choose from. Most of them offer an option to play for free or for real money. The next choice to make is whether you like to play single-hand video poker or a multi-hand variety. The advantage of a single-hand poker game is the lower risk, but there’s also a lower reward factor. Playing 5 or 10-hand video poker gives you a much higher chance of striking the perfect hand.

The most popular video poker variations offline or online include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker’s Wild, Bonus Poker, and Double Bonus Poker. As the names suggest, you must get a pair of jacks or better to rate a payout. With Deuces Wild, 2s are your best friend when it comes to completing that straight or flush. Bonus Poker is based on Jacks or Better but offers a higher payout for a 4 of a kind.

The best way to a cool payout is to briefly examine the payout table of each type of video poker you want to try. You will quickly find that some video poker games pay much higher for a particular hand than another game. Also bear in mind that when you have a wild card thrown into the mix the payouts can be considerably lower than if you play ‘straight poker’ with no wild card. It all comes down to your playing style. Do you like to have lots of smaller payouts or rare but larger payouts? Answer these questions, pick your favourite flavour of video poker, and you’ll be on your way to an exciting video poker session.

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Play for Free or Real Money

The best way to find the best video poker games for you is to try them all out for yourself. Fortunately, the top online casinos offer you the option to play video poker for free or for real money. Play all the games you want for free first, find your favourite, and perfect your video poker strategy. Read up on all the tips and tricks to winning at video poker on the online casino’s blog, open a real money casino account, and play for real money when you’re ready to win!

It’s easy to play video poker for free; most of the best online casinos will let you try their games for free first without registration. Just navigate to the video poker section of the online casino, choose your favourite game, then click ‘free play’ or ‘demo’ to start the game. With free play versions of video poker, you’ll start with some ‘play money’ to bet with while playing. Of course, you don’t get to keep these cyber-coins or trade them in for real money, but you aren’t risking anything either.

Once you’ve got your poker groove on, check around the online casino for the terms and conditions. Most of them offer you enticing welcome bonuses that give you free cash to start playing. It’s like playing for free, but you can actually cash out these winnings after a certain number of plays. Be sure to check how many times you need to play (playthrough requirements) before you can cash out. These minor restrictions are put into place so people will play their games – not just take the money and run!

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Video Poker FAQs

  • Can I play video poker online for real money?

Yes, you can! You can choose to play for free to practice or place real bets to win real money playing online video poker. It’s as easy as setting up an account at an online casino, depositing a little money (usually $20 or $30), and choosing your favorite type of video poker game. It’s that simple.

  • How do I get an online casino bonus?

Online casino bonuses are what define the best online casinos. Online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses for new players, special offers and bonuses for certain games, and special VIP bonus programs to keep players coming back for more wins.

  • How do I deposit and withdraw my winnings?

Online casinos make it easy to deposit money using several banking methods, and withdrawals are fast and easy as well. The registration process is fast and free, and you can start playing and winning almost immediately. Read the terms regarding your online casino’s payout times. It’s customary to verify winnings before you can withdraw, which is designed for player safety.

  • What’s the best video poker variation?

The word ‘best’ is different for everyone. Do you like to play single-hand or multi-hand video poker? Jacks or Better? Double Bonus Poker? If you’re not sure, you can try all the video poker games out for free first, and then you’ll find the best video poker game for you.