Slots for Dummies: 5 Things You Should Know

Slots for Dummies: 5 Things You Should Know 1

Slots are one of the easiest games to play in a casino, but even then, there are some tricks every first-timer should know. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started and on the road to winning.

1. Loose vs. Tight Machines

Finding a loose machine is just about the best thing that can happen to a slot player. Loose machines are really the only advantage you’ll get playing the slots because every other factor is completely random. What makes a machine loose or tight is its payout percentage. Loose slots payout around 98 to 99 percent, and they are always next to tight machines. This is why you’ll see a person go from slot to slot and then settle on one for the next two hours.

2. Slot Machine Lingo

Believe it or not, playing slot machines comes with a whole new vocabulary that’s very helpful to understand. Hand Pay occurs for higher payouts or if a machine gives gamblers an incorrect payout; basically, it’s when you get money from an attendant and not the machine itself. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is the program inside the machine that generates random number combinations. When you hit the button at the exact second the RNG generates the winning number combo, you win. Some other terms to know include: Hold Percentage, Payback Percentage, and Progressive Jackpots.

3. Player Cards

A player card, or slot card, is a little piece of plastic worth more than most gamblers think. It’s a complimentary card casinos give their players for their loyalty. If you decide to play the slots, use your card instead of coins for extra perks like free drinks. Casinos favor their card users and provide better service to their loyal customers. The slot machines are the perfect way to rack up a few extra perks and special treatment, with very little money-spending.

4. Simplicity for the Win

Generally, the simpler the game looks, the bigger the payout. Slot machines with fancy lights and flashy signs lower your odds of winning. On the flip side, most players agree it’s the decked out slots that are the most entertaining to play. So if you’re wanting to win, stick with the plain machines, but if you just want to have a good time and don’t care about payouts, go ahead and splurge at the fancy slots. You’ll still have a chance of winning big either way.

5. Higher Denomination

Using slots with larger denominations have better odds of winning. For example, it is better to play one coin for one line at a five-cent game than five coins for every line at a one-cent game. Try to play slowly to have as much fun as possible, without losing all of your money.

No matter what machine you choose to play, your odds of winning all depend on the timing of the RNG and your hand. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t tricks to having more fun and winning more money every time you play. Try a few of these tricks to maximize your slot machine experience.

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