Sexy Blackjack

Sexy Blackjack 1

You know the old saying: sex sells. Well there is saying within the casino industry, “sexy wins,” which is really just another way of saying…sex sells to gamblers.

If you haven’t figured it out, this blog is going to be about sex. In particular, a more sexy form of blackjack. Think of it as an inter-course that will teach you everything that you need to know and may have been wondering. Gambling is all about giving into that monetary lust, so why not throw the throes of primal biological desire onto the heap as well?

Sexy Blackjack is something new, and this young vixen of a game will grab you in the sensitive areas and sit you down in your chair for a wild ride. Read on to find out exactly how it works.

Blackjack with More Sexy. Why Not?

At a certain point in every gambler life—be it man or a woman—you start to ask yourself certain questions. Some of them are deep within the recesses of the introspective void; others are more pragmatic, like what would happen if the dealer took off their shirt?

When you reach this point, it begins to tug at the coattails of your soul. Every hand that passes, is another hand where you could have been looking at cleavage or rock-hard abs, and it starts to weigh on your conscience like a pair of DDs barely contained in that metal bra from Star Wars.

Eventually the realization is this: even if for just one game, why add some eye candy into that at-the-desk diet that keeps you sustained and focussed on the game at hand? Everyone needs to feed their sweet tooth, be it psychological or literal, every once and a while.


“More Sexy. Got it. What Else Can I Expect?”

Not too much else. It’s blackjack—sexified. Basically, the game designers took the dealers that you would normally (not) see in your typical online blackjack environment, and took off their clothes.

The traditional blackjack is that the dealer—be it a man or a woman—is usually wearing some sort of formal casino attire, but formal casino attire is tiresome for some. If you are sitting alone in the luxuries of your private residence, why not embrace your American freedom to live a better life?

“I’m Convinced”

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