Everybody loves slots. They’re thrilling, exciting and fun. Whether you’re as newbie or a seasoned veteran, playing online slots for real money provides a great way to relax and win, especially if you know what you’re doing!

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Here at Rick’s Picks we spend countless hours studying the world of online casino games to bring you only the best, most reliable real money casino sites. When it comes to the best real money slots experience available today, check out our reviews of the top online casinos for slots players.

Planet 7 Casino


Feeling stuck in the drudgery of your everyday routines? Planet 7 Casino aims to offer an escape from the mundane. With a bold and bright color theme and a pleasing, user-friendly layout, Planet 7 provides a great experience plus a 400% WELCOME BONUS just for opening a free account.

CoolCat Casino


This real money online casino features highly popular casino games favored among gamblers from all over the world. With 220+ games to choose from, easy deposits and withdrawals and whopping bonus offers including a 300% WELCOME BONUS it is worth a closer look.

Silver Oak Casino


Looking for a no-frills casino to play your favorite games with bonuses? Silver Oak Casino could be exactly what you’re looking for. With 130+ games and unique bonuses, Silver Oak delivers a fulfilling experience every time. New signups earn a 400% WELCOME BONUS!


While it’s true that slots are super easy to play and mostly based on luck, there are, in fact a number of tips that, if adhered to religiously, can and will increase your slots winnings over time. Here we take a look at the best slots tips available to enhance your fun and profit.

online slotsAlways bet max

We know it many sound strange to some or like the casino is just trying to get more of your money, but the fact is, always betting max is the best way to exponentially multiply your winnings. Most online slots today will only pay out the highest prizes, free spins and bonus rounds with prize multipliers if you hit the right combination of symbols with a max bet. Bet too little but hit it big and you end up cheating yourself out of massive winnings.

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Play multiple paylines

Todays 5 and 6-reel slots almost always offer the possibility to bet on more than one payline. Running from 5 to sometimes over 100 paylines, all this means is that, when you bet all the available paylines, with each spin you’re increasing your chances of winning, triggering slot’s bonus features and building your bankroll. Study the pay tables before you play to find online slot machines that offer the highest number of paylines and hence chances to win.

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Take advantage of bonuses

The world of online casinos is intensely competitive and real money online casino operators know they have to sweeten the deal to get players in the door and keep them coming back for more. The way they do this is casino bonuses. Check out our casino reviews here on Rick’s Picks to find the most attractive online slots bonus offers at the casino of your choice and take advantage of free spins, match bonuses and even free chips.

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Find extensive bonus rounds

Today’s online slots are a lot like interactive video games. They tell a story and, with the right collection of symbols, unlock deeper layers of their narrative in the form of bonus rounds. The real money slots with the highest number of bonus rounds, tend to offer up the highest chances for winning. Bonus round perks often include high numbers of free spins, prize multipliers and greater chances to hot scatter symbols and wilds. Bet max, using all available pay lines and trigger a bonus feature and you’re quickly on your way to some serious winnings.


Today’s online slots come in many shapes and sizes. From traditional, old-school three-wheel slots to 5 and 6-reel, multi feature, multiple payline slots, the selection is simply enormous and theirs is definitely a real money slot machine available to suit every taste.

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3-reel slots

For lovers of nostalgia, traditional 3-reel slots can take you back to the heady days of yore. Simple, easy to play and tons of fun, 3-reel slots ditch all those fancy bells and whistles and keep your slots playing clean and direct.

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5-reel slots

The sophistication built in to today’s 5-reel slots is amazing. With state-of-the-art graphics and digital sound, these real money slot machines offer players a minor infinity of different ways to play online slots and win in multiple ways.

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3D slots

That’s right, for players looking for an all-immersive slots playing experience, 3D slots are the way to go. With intricate story lines that draw you into the action as you win and interactive bonus rounds doling out massive prizes, 3D slots are the way to go for players looking for a complete escape into the world of real money slots gaming.

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Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots offer up the best ways to win big money when playing real money online slot machines. Progressives put aside a percentage of each players bet to add to the overall jackpot, which means the more people play the higher the jackpot prize.


Gloria, Michigan

winner story“It was my first ever time playing a slot, and my friends had managed to convince me to give it a go on the Planet 7 Casino site one summer evening. She was boasting about how she’d already racked up just under $2k in less than 3 hours, and I figured I could do with a slice of that pie myself!

So I logged on, set myself up with an account and put down my first deposit. I think I started with around $10 for my first bet on all lines (this was an variable payline machine by the way!) playing Cleopatra’s Gold, lost that, then 2 spins later I hit 3 scatters and get thrown straight into a bonus round with 10x multipliers. I spun the reels, and seconds later the progressive jackpot light flashes up and it’s sitting at a mammoth $8,634! I didn’t think I had a chance in hell in actually winning it, but then what do you know – my next spin lands it, machine is screaming, I’m screaming, the kids are screaming. It must have sounded like a horror movie to the neighbors next door, but it felt more like the end of James Bond film for me!”


  • Can casinos fix online slots machines?

Fortunately for today’s players, the answer is no. Slots use what’s called a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of each spin. While it’s true that it’s up to the manufacturer to determine the payout frequency of any given slot (this can be determined by looking at the paytable). As a general rule the bigger the jackpot on any given slot, the lower the payout frequency because if the slot paid out too often, obviously there wouldn’t be the cash needed to payout the jackpot.

RNG are verified by independent third parties before a slot goes live online, at least for all of the casinos we review here at Rick’s Picks. That means the casino itself has no say or control over how often any given slot pays out.

  • What is a progressive jackpot?

There are two types of jackpots, progressive and fixed. As the name implies, a fixed jackpot will offer a set amount of money as the grand prize, regardless of how many people play that particular machine.
A progressive jackpot, on the other hand, puts aside a percentage of each and every bet and places that money in the jackpot pool. This means the jackpot amount increases with every spin. Progressive jackpot machines will payout at lower rates for mid-sized wins as money must be kept in reserve for the ever-increasing progressive jackpot. That said, the sky is actually the limit on progressive jackpots and they have been known to hit seven digits on popular machines.

  • What is a payline?

Paylines, also known as win lines or bet lines, define the order in which specific symbols must appear for you to win. Today’s slot machines offer a fantastic array of different paylines, increasing your chances of winning with every spin.

Paylines, for example on a traditional 3-reel slot, are simply the middle line running straight across. Get three of the same symbol on the middle line and you win the corresponding prize.

With 5 and 6-reel slots there can be multiple paylines that weave across different reels in different shapes from left to right, right to left, up and down and in shapes such as “V”s, “N”s and “W”s, depending on the specific slot.

  •  What are scatter symbols?

Scatter symbols can land anywhere on the reels and still count as they do not have to land on an active payline to play. This means, if you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels you win. One unique feature of scatter symbols is that, when you land enough of them on any given spin, they multiply the total bet, not just the payline, dramatically increasing your winnings.

  • How do wild symbols work?

Wild symbols, when landing on a payline, can replace any other symbol in the game with the exception of scatter symbols.

  • Can I play online slots for free?

Indeed you can. One of the wonderful things about all of the online casinos we review here at Rick’s Picks is that, unlike in a brick and mortar casino, you can actually play the slots games for free before you switch to real money. This provides players with the chance to give interesting slots a test run, to check out the features, bonuses and payout rate before putting down real money for real money wins.

  • Can I win real money playing online slots?

Once you’ve signed up for an account, which takes but a minute or so and made a deposit, which takes less than a minute in most cases, you can start playing online slots for real money and win real money. Your winnings will be credited to your casino account and can be withdrawn at your leisure. Keep in mind there are often minimum and maximum withdrawal limits that apply, and these will vary by casino and if you used a bonus to play.

  • How do I make a deposit to play online slots for real money?

Once you’ve registered, to start playing online slots for real money simply head to the cashier section of your casino of choice and follow the easy steps. All of the casinos we review here at Rick’s Picks have quick and easy deposit methods and will accept major credit and debit cards, Neteller, bank transfers and even Bitcoin.

  • Can I play real money online slots on my mobile?

You most certainly can. In fact, playing on the go is one of the most popular ways to enjoy your online slots experience. All of the casinos we review here have been tested to ensure their apps and browser-based slots games are fully mobile optimized to provide you with the complete online casino experience in the palm of your hand.



Bank – the amount of coins you still have to play with.
Bet max – betting the maximum allowed amount.
Bet size – the amount of your bet on any given spin.


Collapsing stacks – a special feature that can trigger bonus rounds, free spins and prize multipliers.


Fruit machine – a traditional 3-reel slot using fruit symbols.


Jackpot – the top prize on a slot machine.


Multipliers – symbols that increase your winnings by a multiple of your bet.


Paylines – the lines on which certain winning symbols must appear to win a prize.

Paytable – the table that shows you what different collections of symbols, when on a payline, will pay out.

Pokies – what Australian players call slot machines

Progressive jackpot – a jackpot that continually increases with every spin until the jackpot is hit. Progressive jackpots can reach seven figures or more.


Scatter symbols – scatter symbols can appear anywhere on any reel. Three or more scatter symbols triggers a prize or bonus round even if they are not on a payline


Wild symbols – wild symbols can replace any other symbol on the reels with the exception of scatter symbols


CoolCat Casino


This real money online casino features highly popular casino games favored among gamblers from all over the world. With 220+ games to choose from, easy deposits and withdrawals and whopping bonus offers including a 300% WELCOME BONUS it is worth a closer look.