It’s time to test your inner James Bond with one of the best casino games around. It won’t take long before you’re winning big like with baccarat online! Just follow the tips below for some useful information and helpful tips for baccarat.

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You are never too experienced to learn some useful baccarat tips, which will up your online casino gambling bankroll. Lady Luck will be in your corner, when you follow these winning pointers. They will have you playing baccarat online with confidence in no time.

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Bet banker

There are three bets that you can make playing baccarat online: banker, player, and tie. Statistically the best bet to make is the banker bet. Despite the 5% commission, which the player must pay to the house on any banker bet wins. Over time, the banker bet will win 50.68% versus 49.32% on the player bet, which makes it a safe bet to make.

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Avoid the tie bet

The biggest temptation on the table for online baccarat is the tie bet. Most online casinos will pay out 8:1 on the tie bet, but despite the high reward, it comes with an even greater risk. The house edge on the tie bet is a whopping 14.36%, and it only pays out roughly 9% of the time! Some casinos will offer 9:1 odds for a tie, which reduces the house edge to just under 5%.

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Don’t look for patterns

Online baccarat is one of the best games that new players can play due to the very low house edge that it offers (<1%), and requires no skill. The object of the game is equivalent to betting on a coin toss, where the player must decide which of the two sides will have the winning hand, or tie. However, though some players will look for patterns in online baccarat in hopes to win, this is not a guarantee of a winning strategy.

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Beware the commission

As mentioned before, it is standard in Baccarat for the house to take a 5% commission on all banker bet wins, which is a small price to pay for allowing the player to win on the dealer’s hand (unlike in blackjack for instance). However, keep in mind that some online casinos might charge an even higher commission. Avoid these at all costs, and keep in mind the table rules for each baccarat game.


Baccarat is a popular game, which requires little skill to play. Its low house edge makes it a favorite among new players. Since different versions of the game exist, it is hard to know exactly when/where it started. Let’s look at the history of the game to learn more!

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  • How can I play baccarat online?

Playing baccarat online is as easy as pie. Just head to your chosen online casino (we suggest trying our list of recommendations) and click on the baccarat games link. All proper online casinos have baccarat online for you to make a real money deposit to play for money or simply to play free. You can straight on your computer via choice of web browser or by downloading the appropriate software offered at the casino website. Be sure to read the terms and guidelines to avoid compatibility or performance issues while playing.

  • What types of online baccarat games can I play?

Baccarat online usually comes in the traditional Punto Banco/mini-baccarat format. Games like Chemin de fer or Banque are intended for land-based casinos where players must perform the math and understand the rules of baccarat.
In online baccarat, you just need to know which bet you wish to make and adjust the coin amount accordingly. Payouts and betting minimums are set by the casino, however, the rules will remain more or less the same.

  • Can I play baccarat online from my mobile device?

Yes you can! As long as you have a reliable connection to the Internet, you can choose to download the applicable gaming software or play directly via your browser. Most online casinos will be baccarat online compatible with your choice of mobile device, such as an iPad or smartphone, and will allow you to play instantly. Be sure to check all the instructions to ensure compatibility with your choice of mobile device.

  • Can I play baccarat online free?

Absolutely. The best online casinos will offer an instant play feature, which lets you play free. Simply register for a free account by providing some basic personal information before playing. Then you will be all set to start honing your baccarat skills!

  • Online baccarat real money, is this a thing?

You might also want to gamble online for real money, and usually baccarat is a popular choice of game to play. You will need to make a real money deposit after registering for a free account. Most online casino sites utilize 128-bit encryption, designed to keep all money transactions secure from any cyber threats. It’s safe, easy, and there should be plenty of options on the type money deposit you can make. Depending on the casino site, real money withdrawals shouldn’t take long.



Banker – a betting designation in the game of baccarat. The banker bet collects a 5% commission and is not associated with the house. Banker bets pay out 1:1.


Chemin de Fer (French) – a version of baccarat most common in France, which utilizes a large table and two dealers.
Commission – 5% commission is paid to the dealer/croupier on all banker bet wins.
Coup (French) – a round of play in the game of baccarat. Each coup has three potential outcomes: player wins, banker wins, both hands tie.
Croupier – the person in charge of the baccarat table. The croupier is the one person who must fully understand the rules of the game.


La Grande (French) – hand value of nine, the highest hand in baccarat.
Le Petit (French) – hand value of eight, the second highest hand in baccarat.


Mini Baccarat – a smaller version of the standard format of the game with the only real exception being that the players do not get to touch the cards, and all moves are made by the dealer.


Natural – refers to an eight or nine, the two highest hands in baccarat.


Player – a betting designation in the game of baccarat. A player does not have to bet the “player” option.
Pass – a win in baccarat.
Punto Banco – a version of baccarat most common in the Americas and England.


Run – a side bet option utilized in some versions of baccarat that allows players to bet on a hand series.


Skill – an inside joke used to designate a player having a good run.
Suivez – in Chemin de fer, a player may choose to re-bet against simply by saying “suivez” – French for the word follow.


Tableau – the drawing rules in a game of baccarat, which dictates how cards are dealt based on the visible hands.
Tie – a tie between the dealer and the player. This bet pays out at 8:1, but has an enormous house edge of 14.36%.


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This real money online casino features highly popular casino games favored among gamblers from all over the world. With 220+ games to choose from, easy deposits and withdrawals and whopping bonus offers including a 300% WELCOME BONUS it is worth a closer look.