Sportscaller Prolongs Deal with Sportsbet, Starts Implementing Australia’s First FTP Game Scheme


Sportscaller recently announced that it would be prolonging its deal with Sportsbet, calling the decision a “no-brainer.” This move comes after a successful initial deal and optimistic prospects for the future. Depending on how well both corporations implement the new deal, the repercussions could be revolutionary not only for the two platforms but also for the Australian betting industry as a whole.

Enhancing the Growth of Free-to-Play Sports

Sportscaller and Sportsbet came to a deal that would see the boost of free-to-play (FTP) sports in Australia. According to the deal, Sportscaller was tasked with developing a free FTP game by Sportsbet. This game would be based on the U.S. National Basketball Association. Sportscaller kept its end of the bargain, and the result was so successful that both corporations unanimously agreed to extend the deal and develop new projects.

Both companies now plan to develop new FTP games based on Australia’s most popular sports, namely rugby and football. The new sports will be governed by their existing rules and regulations to make them as realistic as possible. They will also be designed in such a manner that they will be easy to integrate into bookmakers’ apps, making them easily accessible to gamblers across the country. Rugby and football will soon be followed by other popular sports in and beyond Australia depending on the market’s reception of the current project.

Goal: Increasing Betting Rates

The main goal of the new deal between Sportscaller and Sportsbet is to increase betting rates in Australia’s highly lucrative betting industry. Free-to-Play sports are gaining popularity across the country and internationally because of the many conveniences they offer. For instance, players can bet in real-time and receive rewards that are lucrative.

Shortly after implementing the first deal, Sportscaller and Sportsbet tested the market’s response and got promising results. The testing phase revealed that both dedicated and casual players were responding positively to the FTP NBA game. An analysis of the results revealed that FTP games had the potential of increasing betting and retention rates.

However, both corporations would need to do more to maximize their rewards from the new FTP deal. For starters, they are banking on the sports’ integration with bookmakers’ apps to increase their reach and attract more players. They also plan to incentivize players by offering rewards that can be converted into cash. For instance, the duo has launched a series of World Cup games that involve predicting the outcomes of future games, as well as betting-related questions. Players who make predictions and get the rights answers are rewarded with a range of prizes.

Bright Prospects for the Future

Sportscaller and Sportsbet did not need any urging to come up with a new deal. In fact, Sportscaller’s representative, Cillian Barry, as well as the company’s managing director, said the decision was the most logical one, and they said it was a “no-brainer.”

The proposed rugby and football FTP project is expected to give a significant boost to both corporations’ revenue streams. Once completed, both sports will have jackpot prizes surpassing $263,500 (about AUS $350,000). Players, too, can look forward to good tidings depending on their luck. And, while these two projects are the most anticipated so far, they will not be the last. Barry said that Sportscaller’s game development database is highly flexible and adaptable. Sportscaller is one of the pioneers of FTP games in Australia, and its efforts have played a revolutionary role in the industry. As such, there is a high likelihood that both corporations will come up with new projects and new ideas soon.

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