Poker Hall of Fame Nominations Open

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Nominations for members of the public to be inducted into the 2018 Poker Hall of Fame are now going on. For those who have been through the process, there is very little that has changed. In fact, everything is the same. Anybody is free to log onto the website of the Poker Hall of Fame and vote for a person of his or her choice.

The nominee does not necessarily have to be a player. He or she can be a nonplayer or even a close friend of the voter. However, it is important that a person provides a good explanation for why his or her nominee deserves to be given the final award. Moreover, it is possible to nominate more than one person. An individual will simply need to arm himself or herself with as many e-mail addresses as possible.

Qualifications for Nomination

There are strict qualifications that must be met before a person is qualified to be a nominee. First, a player must have been an opponent of notable reputation. Secondly, the player must have survived in the field for long enough and should, therefore, be at least 40 years of age.

The nonplayers will only be admitted to the list after a clear demonstration of their immense contributions toward the progress of the game of poker. Inasmuch as the requirements could appear tough, it is important to appreciate the fact that being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame is not a minor issue. It comes with a lot of responsibilities. So, it is only safe not to gamble with the chosen characters.

Around two years ago, one of the award winners suggested changes to the nomination criteria. Of all his suggestions, the most conspicuous was the one that suggested nonplayers who were nominated have only competed among themselves. Furthermore, such a competition should only be held once every four years. He believed that the nonplayers unfairly took away votes from the more deserving players.

Expert Input

The moment the nomination period comes to an end, experts will submit the details of the top 10 nominees to the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council where they shall be thoroughly reviewed. Generally, the council has the discretion of substituting the names of some of the nominees with those people who the members feel are more deserving but were ignored by the voters. Such scenarios, however, are normally rare. The list will, therefore, most likely not change.

After the determination of the final list, the governing council will also cast a vote. The members of the council will vote as individuals. Each member has a total of 10 votes to either distribute among the nominees or give them all to a single player. Traditionally, two people often make it to the top. It is rare that the competition ends up with a single winner. This last occurred in 2009 when Mike Sexton emerged solely at the top.

The induction ceremony for the 2018 Poker Hall of Fame shall be held concurrently with the World Series of Poker’s last table. The time was changed from November last year.

Possible 2018 Winners

Last year, Ivey and Ulliot emerged as the inductees. Other successful nominees were Ted Forrest, David Chiu, Thor Hansen, and Max and Matt Savage.

People are anxious to know who will eventually win this year’s tournament. Most eyes are currently on Matt Savage and Mori Eskandani. The former made a very impressive performance in the last contest. Eskandani equally has a long-standing reputation in the industry. It would, therefore, be quite accurate to say that the two will bag the gold this time around.

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