Mr. Green Now MRG with Concrete 2020 Plans

mr green

Just after the Capital Markets Day, Mr. Green and Co., an online European gambling group of companies that is also listed on the Stockholm Securities Exchange, revealed its plans to rebrand its corporate name to MRG.

The firm, which offers online casino services, such as Live Casino, Keno, Bingo and an array of sports betting, announced the plans reflect the massive growth the company has experienced over the years since it launched into the gambling market, as well as the major steps it has made toward diversifying its operations.

Mr. Green: A company overview

Mr. Green Ltd. has its headquarters in Silema, Malta, and is registered and regulated by the Maltese authorities through the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Mr. Green has, overtime, extended its wings and acquired new markets in other regions of Europe. It is licensed and owns gaming rights in the United Kingdom, a casino license in Denmark, and a sportsbook in the Republic of Ireland.

The online gambling company started its operations in 2008 and has done tremendously well over the decade. It was founded by three investors from Sweden, Mikael Pawlo, Fredrick Sidfalk, and Henrik Bergquist in 2007, but started its actual operations in 2008.

Sidfalk and Bergquist actually had some experience with the online gaming scene after founding a similar company about a half-decade apart. As a result, guiding the company in the market when it was still young and developing did not present much of an challenge for them.

After its launch, the company reached a milestone by becoming one of the market players to offer a variety of games from different sources. Even better, the company built an uninterrupted wallet solution that made it possible to play games without the chips that were usually exchanged when playing games from different suppliers. Currently, the company has more than 700 games on its online platform. The games range from casino to sports betting and all are available for the convenience of gamblers.

Dynamic gambling market

The gambling market has experienced volatile changes in regulations from authorities recently. This has seen market entries and exits by notable firms in equal measure. Amid these conditions, a slight overhaul of structures and rebranding can go a long way in ensuring market stability and guaranteeing firms continue making useful profits. Mr. Green’s rebrand will also see the management of MRG roll out a concrete plan consisting of market guidance and expectations for the next year. This will ideally act to curtail any possible undesired effects that may result from the rebranding.

Investors update

In an update to investors about the plans to rebrand the company, company officials expressed confidence that they expected an impressive 40 percent rise in this year’s total revenue alongside Earnings Before Interests Taxes Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) of 15 percent operating margin.

Additionally, the company management believes that after successfully expanding its corporate entity in the financial year 2017/2018 using strategic M&A, and with a sustained growth over the period, the company will actually deliver an annual 25 percent growth rate up to 2020. Its original Mr. Green brand is expected to remain steady in the market as an organic unit of the new MRG.

In the update, Per Norman, the company’s chief executive officer, expressed confidence in the new arrangement. He said that the new company reflects a wider scope of operation with new and better brands. He further outlined that the company was now digitally inclined. This will help it spread its wings even further into Europe and other markets in its quest to become one of the main players in the market.

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