Joe Cada Gets Third Poker Bracelet, $226,000 Payout

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Joe Cada became the 90th member of the Three WSOP Bracelet Club yesterday after he won his third poker bracelet at the World Series of Poker tournament. He also took home $226,000 in winnings following a highly competitive and exciting three-day tournament.

Cada against 363 Competitors

The latest tournament, the third event during this year’s spring/summer WSOP schedule, attracted 363 competitors and nearly broke last year’s record. The three-day event was a $3,000 buy-in no-limit Hold’em Shootout tournament that proved to be one of the most interesting tournaments yet.

Cada was one of the most notable players in the tournament, but not the only one. After hundreds of hands were played, the top players took their seats at the 10-players table that would determine the final two contestants. Among the 10 players was former World Championship winner Joe McKeehen, who won the main event in 2015. McKeehen was also looking for his third poker bracelet but fell short of winning it. Holding a set of sixes, McKeehen was forced to concede to Cada who had a set of kings. McKeehen, however, took home $101,766 at the 173rd hand of the final table.

Nearing the end of the tournament, it was only Cada and runner-up Sam Phillips at the table. The odds were largely in favor of the Michigan native, who held $4.68 million in chips, against Phillips, who only held $700,000. However, the game started off favorably for Phillips. He doubled his stake after the first few hands. That was followed by a back-and-forth trend as both players gambled for the upper hand. In the end, however, it was Cada who had the upper hand. Phillips had a set of ace-fours while Cada had a set of pocket sixes. Both players were left without additional cards for improvement. On the next hand, Cada got a full house from his jack-three, flooring his opponent and taking the prize home. Phillips nevertheless took home $139,000 and improved his standing in the poker tournament world.

One for Cada

Cada has enjoyed great success in poker tournaments. His first two poker bracelet prizes came in 2009 and 2014. However, he did not keep any of the bracelets for himself. Instead, he opted to give them to his parents. According to Cada, his parents were his biggest supporters financially and emotionally.

However, Cada will now get to keep his third poker bracelet and, hopefully, any other bracelets that may come in the future.

Taking a Deserved Break from Poker

Cada’s win may not have come as a surprise, but it was not expected by many in his circles. Cada has been taking a break from poker for the past few years for a variety of reasons. He has especially been complaining of burnout recently, saying that he has indulged in poker for too long. Cada began playing poker when 14 years old and won his first World Series of Poker tournament at 21. He was officially the youngest player to win a championship, and he still holds this record. Cada has also been taking time off to care for his ailing father, according to interviews with local media.

Asked what he planned to do with his latest win, Cada said that he would take some time off to rest. He has reportedly been traveling the country with his long-time girlfriend. Considering that his total proceeds from poker tournaments exceed $10 million, many feel that his planned rest is well-deserved. Cada, however, was quick to remind his fans that he was not quitting. He is just taking a rest.

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