High-Rolling International Money Launderer Arrested in Canada

illegal gambling ring

An Australian national who is said to be the mastermind behind an international money laundering scheme was arrested in Western Canada last month. Dan Bui Shun Jin was arrested at the River Rock Casino Resort on May 25 following months of investigation. His arrest is of great significance considering the amount of money involved and the fact money launderers move millions of dollars through casinos across the world.

Money Laundering on an International Scale

Jin is accused of running a vast money laundering scheme on an international scale. According to reports by investigators, Jin operated his scheme in Australia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Macau, and other countries in Asia.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported that the suspect was running a lucrative money laundering scheme in which he was making millions of dollars. Investigators have yet to come up with a final figure of the amount of money he laundered, but current estimates put it at hundreds of millions of dollars and it may even surpass the billion-dollar mark.

According to a report by the Australian Associated Press, Jin is alleged to have laundered more than $653 million in Australia alone. Investigators from the United States have also accused the 55-year-old of laundering more than $1.07 million through casinos and other gambling entities in Nevada. The amount laundered in Singapore, Macau, and Canada has not been revealed yet, but it is also expected to be in the millions of dollars.

A Multi-Pronged Investigation

Jin was taken into custody by the RCMP because he was in a Canadian territory. However, he had been under investigation by authorities from several of the countries where he conducted his money laundering scheme. Jin was reportedly under investigation by authorities in the United States, Singapore, and Australia. The authorities combined their surveillance toward the end of the investigation and finally took Jin into custody after gathering ample evidence.

At the end of the investigation, the RCMP uncovered a money movement scheme that was conducted through the Vancouver International Airport. According to authorities, Jin had solicited the services of an unidentified female courier to carry about $19,000 from the United States into Canada. The courier was instructed to collect the money from an unidentified male in a parking lot in Las Vegas and deliver it directly to Jin at River Rock Casino Resort.

Following the Australian’s arrest, the RCMP conducted a search at his temporary residence and uncovered more evidence linking him to large-scale money laundering. A report by the investigators reveals that the police recovered more than $57,000 in cash, a reflection of Jin’s high-rolling lifestyle. The police also recovered a range of documents linking Jin to the money laundering scheme.

Jin was issued a deportation order by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board on Wednesday. It is not clear when he will be deported, but the Australian Associated Press reported he will remain in detention until an extradition date is set. It is not yet clear how the charges filed against Jin will be implemented.

Gambling to Launder Money

Jin is accused of laundering money mainly through casinos and other gambling establishments. The high-risk nature of gambling made it easy for him to launder a lot of cash without raising too much suspicion at first. However, after years of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars and establishing a set pattern across the three continents, authorities finally caught up with him.

Laundering money through casinos and gambling establishments has become commonplace. Therefore, casino operators and authorities have started to review gambling policies in a bid to curb the practice.

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