Hansen Yuncken Named Main Contractor in Adelaide Casino’s Expansion

adelaide casino

The highly anticipated expansion of Adelaide Casino is set to kick off soon, and SkyCity Entertainment Group has already picked a contractor. Hansen Yuncken was chosen to undertake the complex project, which is expected to not only rejuvenate the casino but also have far-reaching benefits for many other interested parties.

A World-Class Accommodation and Entertainment Precinct

Adelaide Casino is expected to undergo a radical transformation once the expansion and renovation projects are completed. The proposed project will involve the construction of a new luxury hotel, several new bars, including a rooftop bar, new premium gaming areas, and several new signature restaurants.

The proposed hotel will contain 123 rooms and feature luxury amenities, such as a spa area, massage parlors, and world-class hotel service. The additional entities will also have a modern and chic look and a high-end luxurious setting. Luke Walker, Adelaide Casino’s general manager, expressed optimism over the proposed project and especially praised the upcoming luxury hotel, which he said would equal or surpass the best hotel in South Australia.

Adelaide Casino’s expansion has been long-awaited by many interested parties in spite of all the hurdles that have emerged along the way. The first hurdle involved getting the state government’s permission, which was issued in July 2017 after the casino met all the requirements. The next big hurdle involved getting a contractor for the complex project whose implementation would either make or break the casino. Now, that both hurdles have been overcome, Walker has announced the expansion and redevelopment projects could kick off as early as next month.

A Boost to Other Projects

Adelaide Casino has been an average casino in its class at best, and its redevelopment and expansion are considered to be long overdue. Its secondary entities and supporting infrastructure also need makeovers, and the proposed expansion project has expedited their renovations as well.

In addition to the proposed expansion, Adelaide Casino also plans to redevelop the Adelaide Festival Plaza by adding 16,500 square meters of public space to its immediate surroundings. Other establishments that will get a makeover include the Adelaide Festival Center, the Parliament House, Adelaide Casino, and the Old Parliament House and Station Road.

Improving Lives and Economic Standing

There is no doubt that the proposed expansion of the casino will boost its revenue significantly. It will make the casino more attractive to domestic, interstate, and international visitors thanks to its new luxury hotel.

However, there are many other interested parties that stand to benefit from the proposed project. For starters, the project is expected to create more than 800 jobs in the construction and other supporting industries. The South Australian government said that it had come to an agreement with SkyCity Entertainment Group and Hansen Yuncken that they would work with local contractors and suppliers throughout the project, thus increasing the circulation of money and giving the state’s economy a much-needed boost. A majority of these jobs will only last as long as the project, however. That said, an additional 800 permanent jobs will be created once the new hotel and its entities are opened.

Steven Marshall, the premier of South Australia, was keen to express his approval of the project for its numerous economic benefits. He said that once it opens, the new casino will boost the state’s tourism industry. It will attract more interstate and international visitors seeking to have a good time. He was also glad that the project will lead to the creation of a better infrastructure that will benefit everyone.

The proposed redevelopment and expansion projects will cost about $248 million (AUS $330 million) and generate much more through job creation and tourism.


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