DAREBS: The solution to recovering FOBT losses?

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The United Kingdom recently slashed its maximum stakes betting on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) from 100 pounds to 2 pounds per bet. While many social service and problem gambling organizations have hailed this as a victory for the ills that gambling addiction can bring to members of society, betting shop operators have to figure out a way to recoup their losses.

A Possible Solution

One solution may be the use of a company’s twist on the slot machines. InBet, a gaming company with machines all over the world, has made the focus of what drives the company – innovation — and provides new twists on old games. Part of InBet’s motivation for creating new games is it is constantly dealing with games that must change because of regulation. And, for that reason, needs to offer a variety of machines that will both make the games fun and challenging, as well as adhere to the country’s new regulations.

Betting shopkeepers in the United Kingdom are looking at a group of existing games that InBet already offers elsewhere called Dynamically Animated Real Events Betting System (DAREBS). With the system, companies can allow machines that look very much like the betting machines of old FOBTs that have all the animations and game choices players like, but without the restrictions.

The Differences Between DAREBS and FOBTs

An FOBT’s main backbone is that it, like all slot machines, relies on random number generators to determine which bets win or lose. Random number generators have also made sure that slot systems remain as free of corruption as possible. However, these are the very slot machines that have now been regulated by the U.K. government.

DAREBS offer different games and animations. In fact, their games and animations may be more exciting than the FOBTs—but with one huge difference. While the FOBTs rely on random number generators to determine wins and losses, DAREBS allow players to bet on real-time activities, such as the position of airplanes.

Because DAREBS operate in real time and place bets in real time, they fall under a different category in terms of the U.K. regulations. FOBTs are classified as slot machines that use random number generation, which means that under the U.K. regulations, they are classified as games of chance. However, because DAREBS place bets in real time on live events, there are no random number generators, so these machines are not classified as slots but as live event betting.

How Does This Help Shopkeepers?

The best part about the DAREBS machines is they are operated on a regular bookmaking license, so there is no need for a shopkeeper to have to figure out how to get a new license. The games are not dissimilar to FOBTs in look or actions by the player. In fact, the existing FOBT structure can be used with InBet software in place of the FOBT software. This also means that players will be familiar with the structure of the game.

In addition, because it is live betting rather than random number generation, the 2-pound limit to betting does not apply. The machines are classified as live betting rather than slot machines, which means that players can wage higher amounts.

It would appear that the DAREBS software offers the gaming client the best of both worlds: extended animation and graphics for more satisfaction, and a game that does not have to meet the 2-pound limit for slot machines imposed by the British government. In addition, betting shops in the U.K. can continue to maintain the same profit margin.

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