Adam Friedman Gets Second WSOP Bracelet

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Since it began, the 2018 World Series of Poker has been offering good gaming options on a weekly basis. However, last weekend’s events were the most memorable so far. It was dubbed the $10,000 Dealers Choice six-handed tournament. There were a total of 11 players battling it out for the prize of more than $1 million. When the dust finally settled, Adam Friedman emerged victoriously. The victory came with a WSOP gold bracelet. This is the second time in his career he has received such an award. It would be important to note this is one of the most coveted prizes in the gambling industry.

About the tournament

The tournament often gives the players a chance to participate in those high-stakes games that are never available in a normal tournament. From past observations, the tournament seems to enjoy a very huge support base. This year had the highest number of people in attendance. The fact the players were allowed to register up to the second day saw 111 players competing in the tournament.

To win the $10,000 cash prize, a person must have the skills to handle all 20 games. All in all, this was like any other game, and an average player had the potential to thrive just as well as a professional. A person must be astute about the kind of games he or she chooses. Most players have ended up performing poorly because they cannot choose the right games. The games should never be chosen on the basis of the ability of an opponent. You must consider the skills of an individual. For instance, a person must carefully look at the sizes of the chips. Friedman believed he was the most careful player in his choice of games.

Events of the Game

By the time the first day was ending, the players had been trimmed down to 41. At the end of Day 2, eight more contestants had been eliminated. Only 13 players managed to live long enough to see the final day of competition. It was a bruising combat that eventually saw Friedman remain the last man standing. His wraps and draws were so accurate that most of his opponents could not take it anymore. For the first two days, Friedman was in the second position. He, however, managed to overtake his fiercest rival, Stuart Rutter, and eventually led the pack. Observers argued it was the betting limits that allowed Friedman to survive. The slight chip advantage that Rutter had, unfortunately, could not give him any substantial leverage.

Friedman then proceeded to meet Rutter, who had actually performed slightly better than Friedman. However, there was enough space to accommodate both players. Friedman gained greatly in the Stud Hi-Lo Regular and, consequently, got more footing. He eventually took down the final hand. The final hand saw Friedman have an advantage over Rutter, and Rutter’s inability to find a low card for a chop eventually saw him lose the battle to Friedman.

Why Adam Won

Inasmuch as the last card gave Rutter seven diamonds, the number was not good enough to secure him a win. He will have to be content with the second position after the elimination. With this, Friedman could remain standing as the undisputed winner of the tournament. The competition is being held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and lasts until July 17. Several activities have already been planned for this week.

During the interview, Friedman said that the whole essence of the game was to make money and improve a person’s living conditions.

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