The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack Insurance

blackjack insurance

There are some people who believe that the idea of insurance is a necessary evil that they cannot do without. However, a good number of people view insurance as the best cushion against unforeseen calamities. Disasters have always been known to strike at a time when they are least expected. However, the moment the conversation turns in the direction of blackjack insurance, the nature of the discussion suddenly changes. The truth of the matter is that blackjack insurance is quite a tricky venture. Therefore, a person must be appropriately guided to stay away from disappointment. Otherwise, the wisest thing would be to stay away from this kind of insurance altogether. Blackjack insurance is one of the most controversial game insurances in the world.

Conventional Gaming Techniques

The act of taking blackjack insurance means a player places a bet that the dealer will end up with a blackjack. In this case, the moment the dealer shows an ace and, before he or she shows the hole-card, the insurance will become available. The live blackjack is usually expected to inform the other players seated around the table that he or she has this option. At this point, an online or pop-up button will be seen. The insurance bet is often played away from the main wager. It always brings forth a double reward. Therefore, even if the player loses the main bet but wins the side bet, he or she still goes home with an even win. If a person does not have the blackjack, however, he or she loses the insurance and the game will continue on as usual.

What It Means to Take the Insurance

For a person to take insurance, he or she must typically bet no less than 50 percent of the original wager. For instance, if a person has a wager of $20, he or she must commit at least $10. With blackjack, the player will have the freedom to take the insurance, which, in most cases, is referred to as even money. As soon as the player does this, the hand will instantly come to an end and the player will be awarded an amount similar to that of the wager.

Inasmuch as people talk so positively about blackjack insurance, statistics tell quite a different story. In all its aspects, the insurance bets often register an outcome that is negative. This means that the moment a person decides to take the insurance more frequently, he or she should look forward to losing more money, and, of course, time!

Possible Financial Leakages

When compared with other common gambling bet insurances, the expected value of blackjack insurance is not an encouraging one. It is always read on the negative. From the several observations that have been made, it is always better to do the betting randomly than to take blackjack insurance. Inasmuch as a refusal to take money is a safer route to follow than the insurance bet, failure to take the even money is, in fact, way better than the first two alternatives.

When looked at in the simplest form, the discrepancies may seem not to have so much significance. However, it is important to remember that they are just a small piece of the bigger picture. As a person plays more often and makes bigger wagers, the stakes will continue to rise. In the long run, the game will prove to be a thorn in a person’s side. The decimals will soon turn into very big numbers. When this finally happens, the player stands the risk of even going bankrupt. It is, therefore, only clever that a person does not take chances by investing in the game more wisely. It is better to toil for a long time and ultimately win than to be duped into paying money for favors that will most definitely not live long enough to see the light of day. Remember, shortcuts are always dangerous. In this case, the shortcuts can be very expensive and financially traumatizing.

When the dealer takes an ace, there is a 31 percent chance that he or she will end up with a 10. With such a slim possibility, deciding not to take the money is the best idea that a player should entertain. The fallacy of an instant win is a pit into which an individual should never be fooled into falling.

However, for card counters and advantage players, it is quite OK to take the even money. For people who are skilled at keeping the counts of the decks, taking insurance bets could be a very good option to explore. With it, a person may end up making some quick bucks. One does not need to involve himself or herself in too much counting and arithmetic. Instead, he or she may just look at the situation and eventually come up with an estimate of how things will be and, eventually, make a decision as to whether buying insurance will be a smart move. Such accurate estimations can only come with experience. However, even the most experienced players should never fully rely on the insurance since the ace is often only shown once after every 13 hands. Such a limited frequency is obviously not close enough to guarantee success. Therefore, either way, a player is still risking a great deal. Furthermore, the size of such bets cannot go beyond 50 percent of the parent wager. Such a limitation only means that a player may not benefit so much from the experience.

The ‘Surrender’ Alternative

There are some blackjack games that offer the “surrender” alternative. Inasmuch as the rules of this option may vary according to the context, the bottom line is that the player is allowed to surrender his or her hand and will end up losing 50 percent of the initial bet, and the dealer looks out for the blackjack. The blackjack basic strategy only offers a few opportunities for a player to surrender. At the end of it all, everything will depend on the number of decks at stake. In fact, even the least chance of playing and winning could be way better than opting to surrender and losing half. Therefore, a person should only think of surrendering when he or she has run out of options and is, therefore, pushed to the wall.


Because of the tragic outcome it often brings, blackjack insurance should be a no-go zone for the amateur player. Inasmuch as the possible rewards could be enticing, there are always so many tragedies hidden between the lines. Moreover, even the most skilled gamblers still rarely get it right. The greed and pressure to make quick money must never push a person to the limits of losing everything. The point here is that blackjack insurance must be avoided at all possible costs. Gambling is always about predictability. The moment a player is not able to see how a move will end, he or she is advised not to make it. Otherwise, he or she may lose so much money in the process. The shortcuts could be nicely wrapped traps for the casino owners to continue making more money for themselves.

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