Five Reasons To Follow the 2018 NBA Playoffs

2018 NBA Playoffs

It is that time of year again. The NBA playoffs are upon us. If you are sulking because your team has crashed and burned, you are probably wondering whether it is even worth turning on the TV to watch. After all, is there any point if your colors are not on the court?

Nevertheless, even if the team that you usually support is out of the running this year, rest assured that there’s still a whole lot of reasons why you should follow the NBA playoffs. The 16 qualifying teams are ready to battle it out on the court. And, whatever kind of fan you are, the games are still pretty exciting to watch, regardless of whether your team is playing.

It’s widely recognized that the NBA playoffs represent basketball at its absolute finest. And, there really is a unique and electric atmosphere during the championship that’s hard to resist. The intensity truly ratchets up and the players really up their game. They take no prisoners. Nobody takes even a second off, and you can be sure that there won’t be any uncontested layups or unattempted closeouts in this competition. It’s this tension that really makes the playoffs super exciting, even if your team hasn’t made it onto the court this year. But, if you aren’t convinced yet, here are five reasons why you should follow this year’s playoffs and see some of the top players in the world going up against each other.

1 – Will The Warriors Be Knocked off The Top Spot?

Although the Golden State Warriors are once again the hot-tipped favorites to win this year’s championship and are keen to take their place in the NBA’s history books as one of the top teams of all time, this may not be their year. Steph Curry has been put out of the game and might not be able to grace the court for many weeks. The void that this has left in the team’s floor spacing and playmaking means that there is a potential gap for someone to knock the Warriors off their perch. Can any of their rivals take the defending champions down? It’ll be exciting to find out.

2 – Can King James Carry on His Winning Streak?

Arguably, LeBron James rules the Eastern Conference, having been instrumental in bringing the Cleveland Cavaliers to three finals in a row. The king himself has played in no less than seven NBA finals in a row and has brought three rings home – a pretty impressive streak. But, can it continue this season? The Cavaliers are looking vulnerable and are lagging behind as fourth seed. Although LeBron has played in every one of the teams 82 games and has been carrying his team throughout the season, they remain nine games in the standings behind the Raptors because of a problematic defense. There’s everything to play for this year, and true fans of the sport will be wondering how things will pan out for James and the Cavs in 2018.

3 – Wolves Are Appearing in Their First Playoff Since 2004

One of the strongest reasons to follow this year’s NBA playoffs has to be that the Timberwolves are making a return this season after more than a decade of absence. Having won a virtual play-in game on their regular season’s final night, the Timberwolves are now eighth seed, facing the Houston Rockets in their opening round. This could be a challenge for the returning team since Houston’s league record this season has been impressive. Perhaps, the Timberwolves’ determination to prove themselves after such a lengthy absence could put them ahead in the game.

4 – San Antonio v. Golden State

One of the hottest games to watch has to be the first round’s matchup between San Antonio and Golden State in the West. The Spurs are being led by Coach Gregg Popovich against the mighty Warriors, giving the Spurs the unenviable task of taking on the Golden State dynasty right at the start of the competition. Both teams have had their injuries during this regular season. Kawhi Leonard has only played in nine games and it looks like he will miss the playoffs. Steph Curry is also missing from The Warriors, and it remains unclear as to when he will be back on the court. It leaves everything up in the air, and nothing’s certain in this first-round matchup. Can Popovich somehow find a way past the Dubs? Fans everywhere wait with bated breath to find out.

5 – The Inevitable Surprises And Upsets

As you might expect, the NBA playoffs never fail to deliver surprises and more than a few minor and major upsets. This season everything is especially exciting, considering the number of prominent players who are missing from the court and the strings of injuries that have plagued some of the best teams’ players. The upshot is that nobody knows what the 2018 NBA playoffs have in store, and nothing is predictable. Could the Sixers or Bucks actually dethrone the Cavs and King James from the top spot? Or could the Houston Rockets possibly shoot their way up to claim the title? Who knows which of the teams will lose its advantage on the home court during the first game. All NBA fans are pumped and ready to follow the ins and outs of play and the impacts that the outcomes will have on next season’s games.

So, there you have it: your top five reasons to follow the 2018 NBA playoffs even if your team has already been eliminated from the running. If you love basketball, you are sure to enjoy the games and you can have the fun of picking a different team to support in every series to give each game a little more of an adrenaline boost. No matter whose colors you wear, every true basketball fan is on board for the playoffs. So, grab a beer, switch on the TV, and get following! There’s everything to play for this year!

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