NFL 2018 Odds and Predictions – Expect a Heated NFL Season

nfl 2018 predictions

The NFL keeps getting better with each passing year. Already, 2018 has started off well, with lots of energy on the field and from the audience. Everyone is hoping his or her favorite team will win, but there can only be one winner. Last year’s Super Bowl was surprising, to say the least, but that does not mean that 2018 cannot be predicted with some accuracy.

So, who will take the prize home this year? Following are the NFL odds for 2018 and predictions from pro analyzers, insiders, and superfans.

First, Who Made the Cut?

Several teams qualified to proceed to the AFC level. While some are familiar faces, others came as a total surprise. Among the usual teams to make the cut were the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots. The surprising entrants, on the other hand, were the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, and the Buffalo Bills.

It is still too early to tell which of these teams will win and which will go home. However, the stakes are high. However, you can expect most of the familiar faces to win.

How the NFL Draft is Likely to Play Out

nfl draftThe highly anticipated NFL draft has been causing speculation from all sides as fans and teams alike ponder over which players will get chosen to fight for them. There are many questions to ask, and while you cannot find the answers to all of them, you can rely on the pros to speculate over the most important ones.

For starters, who will be the first player to get selected off the board? This has always been the most crucial question for every NFL season. And, the stakes are high for the current 2018 season. The Cleveland Browns have the number four pick, and most analysts and insiders suggest the team will pick Baker Mayfield. Although the team has been silent about the speculations, Mayfield is highly likely to be its pick for two main reasons. First, the team needs a quarterback, and Mayfield is an excellent quarterback. Second, Mayfield has -450 points, setting him at the top of the list. However, it would help to keep an open mind as several analysts, such as R.J. White from CBS, suggest that Josh Allen and Sam Darnold are also likely to make the team on the first pick. In addition to Allen and Darnold, another player who is likely to be chosen by the Cleveland Browns is Josh Rosen.

There is also the question of how many quarterbacks will be picked in the first round. This is a long shot, but experts may have the answer. There are a few assumptions to consider, however. The main assumption here is that Allen, Rosen, Mayfield, and Darnold will all be picked by the time the first round ends. This is highly likely considering the talent they have exhibited. If this happens (and this is a big if), then the next two players who are likely to go are Mason Rudolph and Lamar Jackson. However, it would not come as a surprise to find other players on the board. Therefore, it’s important to keep an open mind.


Team Total Over Under Pick
New England Patriots 11.5 -116 -114 Over
Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 -114 -116 Over
Philadelphia Eagles 10 -125 -105 Under
Minnesota Vikings 10 -125 -105 Even
Green Bay Packers 10 +100 -135 Over
New Orleans Saints 9.5 -135 +105 Over
Oakland Raiders 9.5 -130 +100 Under
Atlanta Falcons 9.5 -118 -112 Under
Los Angeles Rams 9 -135 +105 Over
Los Angeles Chargers 9 -130 +100 Under
Houston Texans 9 -115 -115 Under
Seattle Seahawks 9 -105 -125 Even
San Francisco 49ers 8.5 -110 -120 Over
Baltimore Ravens 8.5 +100 -130 Under
Tennessee Titans 8.5 +110 -140 Over
Carolina Panthers 8 -140 +110 Under
Dallas Cowboys 8 -135 +105 Over
Jacksonville Jaguars 8 -125 -105 Over
Kansas City Chiefs 8 -105 -125 Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.5 -130 +100 Under
Indianapolis Colts 7.5 -115 -115 Over
Denver Broncos 7.5 +110 -140 Under
Miami Dolphins 7 -130 +100 Under
New York Giants 7 +100 -130 Over
Washington Redskins 6.5 -140 +110 Under
Detroit Lions 6.5 -140 +110 Over
New York Jets 6.5 -116 -114 Under
Buffalo Bills 6 +100 -130 Over
Chicago Bears 5.5 -140 +110 Under
Arizona Cardinals 5.5 -110 -120 Under
Cincinnati Bengals 5 +110 -140 Even
Cleveland Browns 5 +110 -140 Under

Patriots Likely to Hoist the Lombardi Trophy

Top analysts predict the New England Patriots are likely to take the Lombardi Trophy home for several reasons. For starters, the team has the home-field advantage. This means their fans will come out in full force in support of their team, which will undoubtedly boost the team’s morale. However, the Patriots’ greatest advantage in this respect is that they are already accustomed to the chilly weather in Foxborough, Mass. The bitter cold is likely to slow down other teams, but the Patriots will undoubtedly use it to their advantage.

The Patriots are already performing exceptionally well considering the games played so far. Statistics show that the team is surrendering just about 18.5 points per game for every game it has played so far. This is a small loss when compared with other teams in the league. The team has also managed to set the fifth-best scoring defense for the regular season. The team’s Week 17 win over the New York Jets is perhaps the most impressive yet, and fans and analysts alike are looking forward to more impressive wins.

New England Patriots and The Steelers Follow Closely Behind

The New England Patriots are expected to have it easy in the Wild Card Round, considering that some of the teams that made it do not pose much of a threat. The team will be playing against the likes of the Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Considering New England’s reputation and past performance, making it to the AFC championship is the least they can do.

The Steelers are also expected to contend for a title this season. Their latest close call with the Cleveland Browns – The Steelers won with a narrow margin of 28-24 against the Browns in Week 17 – did not inspire much confidence, but it still got them ahead of the pack. However, the team’s 13-3 record for the end of the regular season means it is a strong team to contend with, and it is highly likely that the team will get the title it has been working toward. The Steelers have in their ranks impressive players, such as Le’Veon Bell, Brown, Juju Smith Schuster, and Martavis Bryant. These players are expected to bring out their best games this season.

However, The Steelers also have tough competition to look forward to considering the possible lineups. The team will be playing against one of three teams: Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, or Kansas City Chiefs. The outcome of the team’s next game will determine whether The Steelers face the Patriots in a rematch for the AFC Championship Game.

Minnesota Vikings Set to Top the NFC

The Minnesota Vikings are likely to top the NFC as the team seeks to head off into the post-season, according to the latest NFL odds 2018. They will be competing against worthy opponents, such as the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams. The Eagles will pose a significant challenge. The team already has the home-field advantage throughout the post-season. This means they will have numerous fans cheering them on and the weather will not be a problem. The team, however, has one crucial weakness: defense — and this has already put the team at a disadvantage.

The Vikings, however, do not appear to show any weaknesses and are likely to go through without a hitch. Their defense is excellent, and so is their offense. They also have a strong track record of wins and will be fighting hard to maintain it.


The 2018 NFL season has already proven to be exciting, and there is still more action and fun to look forward to. The last season came with several surprises, and so has the current season. There is no doubt that some of the NFL odds 2018 and predictions highlighted in this article will come to fruition. As such, keep an open mind and stick with your favorite team (unless you have a wager on the line, of course). After all, the NFL is all about fun and loyalty.

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