How to Become a Successful Streamer

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Twitch is arguably the best streaming platform for gamers and, of late, artists, and a wide range of freelancers in diverse professions. It is the go-to platform for budding gamers and professionals for many reasons. Anyone with the right resources can stream on Twitch, but it takes some tips and tricks to attract a sizeable audience.

Here are 10 tips and tricks on how to become a Twitch streamer.

1 – Get a Fast and Secure Internet Connection

Many forms of communication today, including streaming, are made possible by the Internet. Streaming, in particular, demands a high bandwidth because it involves the transfer of huge chunks of data. To this end, it requires a strong, fast, and reliable Internet connection.

A good Internet connection makes sure that all data (video and voice) broadcasted to your audience are transferred flawlessly without scrambled pixels. It will also support streaming through high-quality video formats. It is recommended to use resolutions starting from 720p going upward for a good visual appeal. Remember, your audience expects to be entertained, and poor video quality cannot be tolerated.

As such, choose a good service provider and set up a secure Internet connection before embarking on anything else. It is also advisable to use a wired connection since wireless connections are prone to disruptions.

2 – Get a Powerful PC and Compatible Software

Computers vary in power and quality. If you perform a quick search of computers, you will notice that gaming computers feature higher specs compared with other computers and notebooks. This is because most games demand a lot of processing power to avoid inconveniences, such as hanging and scrambling. As such, you will need a powerful computer with the specs necessary to handle heavy games. These include a graphics card, high RAM storage, and a good processing chip.

You will also need programs and software to support installed games and improve your gaming experience and, consequently, your viewers’ quality of entertainment. Some games come with their supporting software, but you can always find multipurpose software for rainy days.

3 – Make Your Game Selections Wisely

Twitch users are always streaming and broadcasting hundreds of games at any given time. However, a close observation reveals that a majority of broadcasters prefer certain games to others. This is because there are select games that are more popular with many streamers compared with others. For instance, new and action-packed games are likely to be more popular among the audience compared with games in niches, such as adventure.

As such, it is only logical to select a game that is currently popular with the general audience if you want to attract many viewers. Snoop around other popular broadcasts to get an idea of what is trending and always keep up to date with developments on the platform.

4 – Use a Powerful Webcam

Your audience will want to see the person on the other end of the transmission. Seeing the player’s face nurtures trust and confidence in the audience and improves overall interactions.

However, it is not enough to just be seen. Your audience expects a clear view of their host. As such, you will need to invest in a quality webcam. Pros recommend a webcam with a minimum resolution of 720p. The webcam should be positioned precisely to give your viewers a candid view of yourself.

5 – Get a Good Quality Headset and Microphone

Your audience also needs to hear your thoughts about the game and should be able to communicate with you at will. As such, you will also need a quality pair of headsets and microphone in addition to a webcam.

A set of headphones will come in handy when listening to your audience’s opinions about the game. Some headsets even come with good quality microphones with enhanced features, such as noise cancellation, making sure that your audience hears you loud and clear without any background static noise.

6 – Set a Consistent Schedule and Always Keep Time

Granted, there is always someone following a broadcast on Twitch. However, that does not mean that your audience is always waiting for you to show up.

Every smart streamer on Twitch has a fixed schedule for when he or she checks in and out. His or her followers are also aware of this schedule and know when to check in to catch their favorite gamers in action. As such, you, too, should have a definite schedule for when you check in. This will save your audience the trouble of always looking out for you and nurture consistency and loyalty among them.

7 – Craft Your Titles and Descriptions Well

What is the title of your Twitch channel? This should be one of the first matters to consider when researching how to become a streamer, not only on Twitch but on other platforms as well.

Your title’s channel will inform all your visitors about what to expect when it comes to gaming and other factors. The description, on the other hand, will go into details about the channel and even help to sell it to new clients. As such, you will need to craft a creative and catchy title and supporting description to coax visitors into actually exploring your channel.

8 – Interact with Your Viewers

As mentioned earlier, you will need a quality webcam and headphones to become a good streamer on Twitch. These gadgets will help you to interact with your audience.

Interaction is key to cultivating and maintaining a good and long relationship with your audience. As such, keep the communication lines open and reach out to your audience whenever you can. For instance, be sure to always welcome new visitors and ask for your audience’s feedback occasionally.

9 – Network with Other Streamers

One of the first things that come to mind when wondering how to become a Twitch streamer is getting ahead of the competition. This is good and motivating, but you need to realize that there is more to Twitch than just competition. It is about building a community of gamers, artists, and other professionals. Broadcasters also come together to share their experiences and tips to succeed on the platform.

As such, take some time to reach out to your fellow broadcasters and do not be shy to ask for advice from seasoned broadcasters.

10 – Be Patient

Every broadcaster on Twitch had to start somewhere, and it took time for him or her to amass his or her audiences. Today, some broadcasters have thousands of followers. You, too, should endeavor to amass a large following. However, do not be too ambitious or else you will feel frustrated after several days or weeks of broadcasting.

You, too, will have to start with a clean slate with zero followers. Your followers will come gradually as you put the above tips into practice. As such, be patient and work to attract and retain more followers every day. Every follower counts, so do not undermine your audience.


It takes a combination of resources and know-how to become an accomplished broadcaster on Twitch. The tips discussed above are guaranteed to improve your performance and ranking on the platform, as long as you put them into practice. Now you know how to become a Twitch streamer!

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