Guide to Golf Betting

golf betting guide

Golf is not the first sport that comes to mind when you think of sports betting. However, this does not mean that you cannot wager on golf and win. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to bet on golf.

So, how does one go about wagering on one of the most sophisticated sports in the world? Here are some golf betting tips to get you started.

1 – Know the Game

Golf is considered one of the most exclusive games that is popular with the rich and powerful. However, the truth is that golf is mostly misunderstood. It has its rules just like any other sport, and they are not difficult to grasp once you take a genuine interest.

You cannot successfully play golf without (at least) grasping all the rules. In the same way, you cannot wager on golf if you do not understand it in the first place. As such, take a genuine interest in golf and take some time to know it. This will help increase your accuracy when placing wagers, hence maximizing your chances of winning.

2 – Know Your Players

golf playersOne of the main points of consideration for any bettor in any sport revolves around the player(s) on the field – the people who will actually determine whether the bet wins. To this end, many sensible bettors will ditch their favorite teams if they do not like the players since the outcome is mostly determined by the talent on the field.

It is the same with golf. There are certain players who excel more than others simply because they are better at the game. As such, as a smart bettor, it would only be prudent to bet on the skilled golfers. This makes it necessary to know your players and analyze their performances and statuses before wagering on any round.

3 – Keep Up to Date with Players’ Forms

It is not enough to just know which players are the best at golf. Remember, golf players are human, too, and their fortunes and forms change from time to time. The best golf player at the moment may be dealing with an injury or simply has a streak of bad luck. These factors are short-term, but they are guaranteed to affect the player’s performance while they last.

As such, keep a close eye on your favorite players to ensure that they are fit and reliable. Look out for factors, such as injuries and poor performances or laxity, as these are common in golf.

4 – Factor in the Golf Course

A golf player’s most formidable challenge is usually the golf course. There are thousands of golf courses around the world, and each course has unique features. For instance, some golf courses feature barriers of sand while others feature barriers of water. Other smaller characteristics matter, too. For instance, there are some holes that are considered more challenging than others on a golf course.

However, it is not the golf course that is of importance but rather the player’s mastery of the course. For instance, history has proven that certain players are weak on certain golf courses despite being the best in the game.

As such, review your favorite players’ histories with respect to the golf course they will be playing on. How has your favorite player faired on that particular golf course in the past? Does he or she exhibit weaknesses or strengths when it comes to certain barriers and holes? If the player has performed poorly on that golf course before, then there are high chances that history may repeat itself.

5 – Look Out for Major Tournaments

Football/soccer is currently at its peak and the world is currently celebrating yet another World Cup. It is a thrilling time for football fans all over the world and a lucrative period for bettors. This is because the current World Cup has opened up numerous betting opportunities.

Golf, too, has its peak periods. Golf in particular features many tournaments that are held across the world. These tournaments often bring together golfers from all walks of life, both good and bad. They also bring out the competitiveness in a sport that is often considered subtle. This, consequently, creates an ideal atmosphere for bettors because there are numerous golf betting opportunities open to them. It is especially lucrative  — you can easily bet the best players against the poor ones especially at the start of the tournament.

6 – Take and Compare Notes

taking notesGolf betting may not be as popular as other sports, but it has a base of loyal and dedicated fans and bettors. Some of these bettors are veterans with years of experience (and luck)! They have accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience that has helped them win over and over again.

You, too, will accrue experience and vital skills as you continue placing wagers on golf rounds. However, you could also get vital knowledge from said veterans and save yourself some time (and the risk of losing your wagers). As such, join golf bettor communities on the Internet or the golf course and learn more about the secrets of the trade. You are guaranteed to find several people willing to share what they know. Take advice from several people and compare that advice with each other, as well as with your analysis. The goal is to make sure that your analysis is as refined as possible before staking your money.

7 – Keep Up with the News

There is always something brewing in the world of golf. Some of the developing issues are good, while others are bad. However, despite their nature, all developments in this sport have an impact on players’ prowess and, consequently, the outcome of games.

As such, keep up with developing news and get the in-depth analysis to understand what new developments mean for the game and, consequently, your wagers. In particular, be sure to follow all new developments touching your favorite players or upcoming tournaments as they are the most relevant to you.

It goes without mentioning, but be careful not to fall for incorrect news. There are many news platforms that have been proven to be misleading.

8 – Choose Your Bookmaker Wisely

sportsbetFinally, you will need a bookmaker to place your wagers with. There are thousands of bookmakers that offer golf betting odds and opportunities. However, only a few of these are popular for their quality services and reliability, among other virtues. Most of the rest are just out to make money like you are and do not care much about their customers’ experience.

Your money and experience are valuable, so it is advisable to work only with the best bookmakers in the industry. You will find lots of trustworthy bookmakers online where you can place your wagers in minutes and track them in real time from anywhere in the world. You can also go the old-school way and limit yourself to physical bookmakers.


Golf is an engaging and enlightening sport. It is also a lucrative sport for many bettors, and you could become one of them. Take these tips to heart and put them into practice the next time you think about wagering on a golf round or tournament. They will not let you down.

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