Five Tips To Pick A Winning Slot Machine

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Back in the old days, for those of you who can still remember it, the best way to win on any slot machine was to wait until another player had left and then jump on. Sadly, that’s not going to work anymore! Those old analog slots are long gone, and the cutting-edge digital software used in today’s advanced machines have completely changed the name of the game.

Even if the old jumping-on strategy still worked, it would be absolutely useless in today’s most popular gambling arena, the online casino, because there’s no way of knowing whether another player has just had a huge win on the same slot as you. All this adds up to having to find a new strategy. And, if you’re wondering how to pick a winning slot machine in a foolproof way, the answer is that there isn’t one! Nevertheless, don’t be downhearted. There are a few tips and tricks that you can try to improve your chances of scoring a win and netting a neat jackpot.

While it’s true that there are no real strategies that you can put into play once you’ve found a winning slot to ensure your chances of scooping a jackpot, finding the right machine is half the battle. Here are five tips that you can put into practice to give yourself the best possible chance of being a winner.

1 – Pick The Right Time Of Day

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This is the first tip, and, in many ways, it’s the most important one. It does rely on you having a fair bit of flexibility in your life, however. Choosing the right slot machine to win depends on you being able to switch machines frequently and quickly. That means that, whenever possible, playing during off-peak hours is the best option. Yes, a Saturday night in the casino might have a fantastic atmosphere, but it’s definitely not the best time to secure a slot machine win.

The very reason that the atmosphere is so good is that the casino floor is heaving with people and that means switching machines is tricky since they’ll always be in use. Whenever you can, play during the daytime or on slow weeknights when there are fewer people around to impede your gameplay.

2 – The Three Strikes Rule

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This is a challenging rule to follow, but it’s a valuable one to bear in mind if you’re serious about scoring a win. Whenever you sit down to play a new slot, if you’ve had no win after the first three spins, walk away from the machine. Yes, that’s right! It might seem sensible to hold out in the hope of a big win coming up soon, but machines that are close to cashing out give players a couple of small wins straight away.

Therefore, if you haven’t seen a single credit of profit in those early spins, get out of there and try a different machine. Your money and time would be better spent looking for other opportunities rather than throwing them away.

3 – Avoid Franchises

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You’ll probably have noticed that some of today’s most popular slot machines are those that belong to a franchise, using TV shows, movies, and celebrities as part of the game. Yes, these games are fun to play. Yes, you recognize the characters. Yes, they often have cutting-edge graphics and cool gameplay. But, – and it’s a big but – virtually nobody ever wins a big jackpot on these titles.

Another thing to bear in mind is that usually there is a high minimum stake on those machines, so you’ll be spending more but with fewer wins in return. If you’re truly a fan of the branded genre, there is one exception and that is the “Wheel of Fortune” series. Often, the bonus wheels on these games give you the chance to win several free spins and get plenty of credits. Otherwise, by all means, play for the experience, but don’t expect to win a fortune because it probably won’t happen.

4 – Choose The Right Coin Denomination

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It’s a fact that, in general, slot titles that have a higher coin denomination usually pay out more than those slots that offer lower denominations. Let’s take this example as evidence – a $0.01 slot game will have an average payback percentage of around 84 percent to 87 percent. Meanwhile, a $5 slot will usually offer payback percentages of between 94 percent to 97 percent.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you’re wagering over a longer period, you will lose around 13 cents to 16 cents on a penny slot for every $1 wagered, whereas you’ll only lose around $0.06 to $0.03 on a $5 slot. Having a strategy is key to success when you’re choosing the right slot machine, so you should definitely consider playing a high denomination game whenever possible.

5 – Set Your Limits

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Having said all that about higher denomination slot machines, you should definitely set your limits and stick within them. Managing your bankroll is a key element when it comes to success at slots. Be strict with yourself. If you’ve failed to secure a decent amount, begin looking for a different machine. Try to set a limit of between $5 and $7 for each machine (if we assume you’re spending around 30 cents to 50 cents per spin) and then move on. Yes, it’s frustrating if you can’t find a winning machine, and some days, it’s true, you may not find a single good winning machine at all.

However, if you’re diligent and spread your budget between several machines, you’ll have a greater chance of seeing positive results rather than sticking to just one machine that isn’t winning you anything.

Once you’ve finally found a slot machine that could be a potential winner for you – nonbranded, paying out on virtually every spin, and giving you two of the three symbols you need to win a bonus game, you then need to focus on digging out your top slot secrets and pulling out all the stops to score a win.

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