Five Highest Payout Casino Games

highest payout casino games

When it comes to casino games, most people would agree that slot machines are definitely right up there as the most popular. This has probably something to do with them being pure games of chance, which means that there are few rules to learn or strategies to adopt. Even better, today’s cutting-edge slot machines have a variety of themes, pay lines, bonus games, and features that attract players who are looking for both lucrative wins and a lot of entertainment value. It isn’t surprising, then that when it comes to the five highest payout casino games, they are all slots.

How generous a casino game is depends on its RTP (return-to-player percentage) and this differs between titles. Looking for a slot that has a higher RTP is generally the best idea since it will be more generous and pay out more in terms of winnings.

What Is An RTP?

The Return-to-Player percentage is a term that refers to the percentage the game pays to its punters over its life. Slots that have an RTP of more than 97 percent are said to be extremely generous and are a great choice for players who are keen to boost their bankrolls. An RTP will also let you know the amount of money being taken from players by the casino, as well as the house advantage.

Let’s take an example: A slot machine that has an RTP of 95 percent pays out $95 on every $100 that is wagered. That means the casino takes $5 for each $100 bet by punters. In turn, this means that the slot’s house edge is 5 percent.

Which Slots Have The Highest RTPs?

There are a number of slots out there with an RTP higher than 97 percent, However, some are more lucrative than others. If you look around, there are a few slots that even have RTPs of more than 99 percent. These are the ones you should consider playing if you are keen to maximize your cashout. Here are the top five paying titles in today’s casinos.

1 – Goblin’s Cave

goblin's cave

This title, which is from the popular Playtech brand, has an exceptionally high RTP of 99.3 percent. That makes it well worth playing if you can find it. Although it isn’t the most exciting title out there, what it lacks in creativity, it makes up in value for money. So, even if your taste leans more toward all-singing and all-dancing video slots, you should definitely give this slot a spin. As quite a traditional-style slot, this machine only has three reels and three paylines and takes its theme from coins and gold.

There is a wild symbol to watch out for in the form of a ruby, which can be substituted for the bonus symbol – a lantern. It isn’t all dull with this slot. There’s a bonus feature to look forward to. It involves choosing between a number of chests to receive a prize. As an added advantage, punters are able to hold some symbols if desired, keeping them in place during the following spin in an attempt to get a win.

2 – Ugga Bugga

ugga bugga

Another title from Playtech, Ugga Bugga has a high RTP of 99.1 percent. Although this is another three-reeler, it has an appealing concept, which takes its inspiration from African tribes. It also offers 10 paylines.

That’s more than Goblin’s Cave. Again, this is a classic slot, so there are limited bonus features, although there is a wild feature, as well as the multispin feature, that allows punters to hold either one, two, or three symbols in place following a spin to try to get a full payline on the next.

3 – Ocean Princess

ocean princess

The third title from Playtech, Ocean Princess is yet another classic slot with a high RTP of 99.1 percent. With its five paylines and three reels, it is not going to win any awards for creativity or excitement, but the name of the game is really about the potential wins. Offering identical features to Ugga Bugga, the only thing that’s different is the theme that – yes, you guessed it – suggests a maritime princess twist.

There is a crown acting as a wild and this can be substituted for all the other symbols to complete a winning combo. The multispin feature also comes into play to massively increase your chances of a win.

4 – Nemo’s Voyage

nemos voyage

Coming in at an impressive RTP of 99 percent, this is the first title on this list that isn’t from Playtech! Designed by software manufacturer WMS, this slot offers a little more excitement in terms of gameplay, with five reels and no less than 40 paylines. That makes this slot machine a lot more interesting for punters than the classic three-reel set up. Voyage under the sea with Nemo and win some cash during the process thanks to the amazing array of wilds offered in this lucrative slot.

There are 3-times wilds, 2-times wilds, wild reels, pressurized wilds, and stacked wilds that are unlocked once you’ve spun the reels a few times. There are also scatter symbols, too, to give gameplay even more of a kick. It’s no wonder that this slot is a hot favorite.

5 – Ooh Aah Dracula

ooh aah dracula

With its horror theme, this Barcrest slot has an RTP of 99 percent. With five reels and 10 paylines, it is ideal for play on either your PC or on your mobile device thanks to its excellent mobile optimization. This slot is truly packed with action and offers a host of bonus features. Enjoy free spins, wilds, scatter symbols, and four separate features, including the Heart Attack bonus, Hi Roller bonus, and Super Graveyard and Graveyard bonus features.

If you can find them, these five slots represent some of the highest payout casino games for real money available today. Whether you prefer the classics or have a passion for thrilling bonus features, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, have a spin and see if you, too, can be a winner!

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