Cheapest Buffets in Las Vegas

cheapest buffet vegas

If you’ll be visiting Las Vegas soon, you’ll likely want to take in as many attractions as the city has to offer. Even though Las Vegas is known for its variety of entertainment, including gambling and live shows, there are also lots of great places to eat in the area. Here are some of the cheapest buffets in Las Vegas that offer delicious meals at affordable prices.

The Buffet at Aria

The buffet at Aria is particularly impressive and includes a gourmet dinner option, so you’ll have a choice of several fine foods to create a meal you won’t soon forget. You can also enjoy brunch at Aria until 3pm every day of the week. Plus, on Monday through Thursday, dinner at the eatery also starts at 3pm. The buffet schedule is pretty convenient if you’re touring the city and don’t want to have to plan your day around your mealtimes. The cost per person is between $25 and $44 depending on the time of day and whether you prefer a gourmet dinner.

Medley Buffet

This location is one of the cheapest buffets in Las Vegas and is also a hotel and spa that offers a variety of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The buffet is around $20 on average, featuring themed meals every night. For instance, you can visit the eatery during wok night for delicious Asian-inspired fare, or you can have dinner at the casino for Hawaiian night and taste Polynesian meals that include exotic ingredients. Pasta night is usually a hit with kids, and there’s also steak and shrimp night if you and your family want to make sure that dinner is especially filling. If you’re visiting Vegas with friends who enjoy a refined meal in the middle of the day, the champagne brunch buffet is also available.  Also, Aliante Casino makes coupons available, so you can get discounts on some of your meals. Some buffet coupons are two-for-one, which definitely comes in handy if you’re traveling with family or a large group.

Charlie’s Market Buffet

This eatery has great prices, which makes it a popular choice among big travel groups. The buffet is usually less than $25, but if you have a coupon, you could pay as little as $6.65 per person when you dine on Wednesdays (BBQ night). Coupons can also get you special deals on the weekend buffet. Both breakfast and champagne brunch are available at Charlie’s Market Buffet, and you can also choose from the regular dinner buffet or the prime rib and shrimp buffet. Also, there are a variety of desserts for you to enjoy here. Whether you’re in the mood for cannoli or have a taste for pie, you’re likely to find exactly the sweet treat you want.

Feast Buffet

For under $25 (and often under about $16) you can indulge in your favorite foods and beverages while watching your meal being prepared right before your eyes. Of course, the savings are even more significant if you’re a club member.  Feast Buffet is in a casino but there’s a separate area for dining, which made this restaurant a novel attraction in the 1990s. Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are offered here, and you can also attend the champagne brunch on Sundays or BBQ night on Fridays and Saturdays.

Cannery Row Buffet

This is one of the cheapest buffets in Las Vegas with lots of meal selections. You can enjoy this buffet for under $20 (usually around $17) per person. The eatery is also known for its $6.99 breakfasts and specialty dinners on Thursday through Sunday for $13.99. Cannery Row Buffet has garnered great reviews for its customer service and the lines are usually not too long. In addition to champagne brunch and lunch, the buffet also offers a steak and shrimp dinner, a prime rib and shrimp dinner and a Cajun dinner.

Festival Buffet

This is another $25 or less buffet with several types of foods to choose for a more customized dining experience. For instance, there are lots of Chinese entrees and side dishes, as well as Italian foods, Mexican fare and Mongolian dishes. There’s also a barbecue station with tasty side dishes, and a long list of desserts that your sweet tooth won’t want to pass up. If you have a Las Vegas Advisor coupon, you could enjoy the buffet for 50% off, or you can get the two-for-one deal if you’re eating with someone else. Also, Festival Buffet offers champagne brunch, lunch and dinner.

Festival Buffet at Fiesta Rancho

You can usually get a great meal for a reasonable price at this location, which is known for its $7.99 lunches and $9.99 dinners and specialty meals. You can enjoy a chili and salsa bar, as well as a fajita station, plus there are lots of Italian and Asian entrees to try. There’s a Mongolian buffet as well, and you can select from champagne brunch, lunch, dinner or the Ragin’ Cajun buffet.

Paradise Buffet

If you come to the buffet with $25, you’ll be able to get a full meal and have some change left over. Using a coupon allows you to take advantage of a significant discount when you visit Paradise Buffet. The island theme makes you feel like you’re visiting a resort, and the buffet is downtown which means you’ll be able to visit other nearby attractions easily. In addition to breakfast, champagne brunch and lunch, you can also get a great meal when you visit Paradise Buffet for prime rib night, steak night or seafood fantasy night.

Ports O’ Call Buffet

For around $20, you can enjoy a filling meal at this buffet. Whether you’re in the mood for barbecue or burgers, or if you want to have a Mexican, Chinese or Italian dinner. Also, there’s a dessert bar that features ice cream and gelato with all your favorite toppings. If you have a coupon and are visiting the buffet on a Friday, you can save almost $30 on the seafood dinner.

The Buffet at Golden Nugget

The most expensive part of this buffet is the seafood dinner, which is less than $30. You can also choose from a variety of salads at this buffet, which is a plus for those who want to enjoy the buffet experience while being conscious of their carb intake. Caprese salads, as well as seafood salads and colorful veggie salads, are available. The buffet is also downtown, so you can continue sightseeing after enjoying a full meal.

Green Valley Ranch Buffet

If you want to enjoy the breakfast buffet here, you’ll pay about $12. And if you’re eating dinner, the price is around $20, unless you’re getting the prime rib dinner, which is almost $25. Also, the seafood festival dinner will cost you about $40. If you’re a dessert fan, you’ll love the fact that the buffet has hand-spun ice cream and a milkshake bar.

Garden Court Buffet

The Garden Court buffet at Main Street Station is about $30 if you’re getting the seafood buffet. But if you want to enjoy the buffet for breakfast, you’ll only pay about $10. The prime rib and scampi special is about $17, and you can also enjoy lunch at the buffet for less than $15, even if you select the champagne brunch.

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