Biggest eSports Earnings

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You may have heard a few murmurs while on the Internet about a little thing called eSports. eSports is essentially a large tournament for gamers. eSports tournaments involve a player or a team of players all coming together in one place to fight it out for supremacy in the game of their choice. So, it’s just a standard multiplayer video game, right? Yes. But, it is so much more than that. eSports has rapidly grown from its basic roots back in 1980 when just a few hundred people all crammed inside a small warehouse.

Now, eSports has become a multimillion-dollar scene in which betting is rampant and players earn as much as sports stars and actors. eSports players have become millionaire celebrities overnight because of their skill of the game. This list will detail a few of these skilled high-rollers and we will take a look at which games give their players the most success and what matches are worth betting on.

The Highest Earners

It is hard for many people to believe that playing a video game can possibly bring in such big money, but the eSports industry has money to spare. Thanks to the insane amount of betting and sponsorship that take place during the bigger tournaments, the players of the top games often receive huge payouts of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Peter Dager

Biggest eSports Earnings 1

One such player is an American gamer named Peter Dager. Dager is currently ranked as the sixth highest earning eSports player, with around $2,645,280 under his belt to date. Dager began his gaming career with the title “Heroes of Newerth” under the gamertag of Peterpandam in 2012. He has since become the team captain and CEO of the team named Evil Geniuses and has shortened his gamertag to PPD. The team has also transitioned to the game Dota 2, an incredibly successful one on the eSports scene, raking in the vast majority of the money for bettors and players alike. Every gamer and bettor who wants to get the top eSports earnings goes for Dota 2. The 26-year-old and his team won the first-place prize in The International in 2015, which made him one of the highest earning eSports players in the world.

Amer Al-Barqawi

Biggest eSports Earnings 2

Another player with incredibly high eSports earnings goes by the name “Miracle,” also known as Amer Barqaw. Barqaw is one of the youngest players in the eSports scene. At 20, he has already earned millions in the way of prize money and sponsorship deals. Barqaw plays for Team Liquid, which is one of the most prolific and well-known teams in the world of eSports. The team has won numerous high-profile gaming tournaments. He has also won several tournaments himself, which gave him a great deal of notoriety in the competitive online gaming scene. As a result, he has managed to rise through the ranks of the European leaderboard of Dota 2 with great ease, smashing the competition quickly, which is no easy feat. Overall, Barqaw is said to have made approximately just over $3,000,000 in income, an astonishing amount of money.

Kuro Takhasomi

Biggest eSports Earnings 3

The number one highest earning eSports player currently is named Kuro Takhasomi, who also goes by the gamertag of “KuroKy.” At just 25, Takhasomi has managed to gain total earnings of more than $3,480,788. Takhasomi also plays for Team Liquid and acts as the perfect demonstration of just how much money eSports can generate and pay out. Interestingly, Takhasomi suffers from a mobility disability that affects his legs, making movement difficult for him. He says that his disability has led him into this life of competitive gaming, essentially starting him down this inevitable career path.

Constantly Growing

As eSports continues to get bigger and bigger each and every year, the amount of money that it draws, naturally, also gets larger and larger. The current value of the eSports market is around $900 million, an enormous amount of money considering how relatively new the eSports scene is when compared with other official sports tournaments. Just last year, The International 2017, which is the world championship for Dota 2, managed to break the record for the largest prize pool in eSports history at $24,787,916. But, what is really impressive is that this number has consistently risen every International since in 2014. eSports shows absolutely no sign of stopping any time soon, and a lot of that comes from the numerous sponsorship deals.

Sponsorship in eSports

Sponsorship is everywhere in eSports. From team jackets to huge billboards and advertisement announcements before a match, brands are absolutely everywhere. It only makes sense that with the huge amounts of money being generated by eSports and the huge crowds that flock to watch them, that brands would start to realize what an opportunity this is.

The longest running sponsor of eSports is Intel. Intel has sponsored the Intel Extreme Masters, as well as the Electronic Sports League since 2006. Of course, Coca-Cola has thrown its hat into the ring. It sponsors the League of Legends World Championship. This is one of the largest eSports events on Earth. Coca-Cola went even further than that by partnering with Riot Games and some movie theater chains to simultaneously screen more than 200 viewing parties for the 2016 League of Legends World Championships throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. There are countless other companies that have their brand plastered all over various eSports events. From Audi sponsoring Counter-Strike to Mountain Dew sponsoring several teams, sponsorship remains a dominant form of income for the eSports scene.

eSports, right now, is an immovable and unstoppable force that is bounding into a very bright future, carrying with it hundreds of lucky and skilled players, as well as thousands of keen-eyed and clued-up bettors who all stand to gain a lot from this very, very wealthy venture. And, it does not look like it will be stopping anytime soon. Maybe you should get a piece of the action for yourself. What is there to lose?

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