Best Sports Gambling Podcasts

sports gambling podcasts

Billions of people around the world are crazy about some form of sports. Sports are fun and entertaining. For some people, however, sports are lucrative.

Sports betting has gone mainstream as more and more people seek to make quick money by predicting outcomes. It is all a gamble, and there are good days and bad days. The smart guys, however, have more good days than bad days. This is because they do their research and get in the know through sports gambling podcasts.

Sports gambling podcasts are not only enjoyable and entertaining but also offer a great audience for those seeking to wager their money on upcoming games. Here is a review of the best 10 sports betting podcasts.

1. ESPN: Behind the Bets

ESPN is an authoritative figure in the world of sports across the United States and beyond. Expectedly, its podcast is also one of the best on the Internet.

ESPN’s podcast is hosted by pro sports analysts, such as Chad Millman, Chris Falicia, Bob Scucci, and Stanford Chris, among others. Their analysis is always fun and entertaining, and a majority of the predictions turn out to be on point. Indeed, many people are sure to turn to the ESPN: Behind the Bets podcast before staking their money. The podcast also presents the latest news regarding your favorite sports, especially during the football season. Recently, the podcast has also begun offering tips on casino gambling.

2. Bet the Board with Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman

This podcast is hosted by two guys who are more than warranted to give their insights on sports. Payne is a professional bettor who has made most of his fortune from sports wagers. Fuhrman acts as the media guy in this podcast, but he is also a former oddsmaker from Las Vegas, America’s gambling capital.

Bet the Board is a professional sports betting podcast that offers raw analysis without trying to influence listeners to any particular side. It airs for MNF, TNF, college football, and special sports events. It is live every Monday and Thursday.

3. Betting Dork with Gill Alexander

Betting Dork is produced by and hosted by Gill Alexander. It is a relatively new podcast, but it is fast gaining popularity thanks to its comprehensive sports betting analysis.

Betting Dork covers a wide range of sports, including baseball, soccer, football, and basketball, among others. The analysis is comprehensive and includes statistics, such as individual players’ strengths and weaknesses. The predictions are usually accurate and detailed, but the podcast does not try to influence its audience’s decisions. Betting Dork also keeps a record of its podcasts on its app and offers additional tools, such as news feeds, to keep its listeners updated.

4. The Buffet with Chad and Scooch by The Action Network

The Action Network, an ever-growing sports network, is also an authority in the world of sports betting. It is the host network for The Buffet with Chad and Scooch, another leading sports gambling podcast.

This podcast is hosted by Chad Millman, the network’s head of media, and Scooch, a popular bookmaker. The duo occasionally hosts professional sports bettors to get a refined analysis of future sporting events. Some of the common hosts on this podcast include Ryan Russilo, Rob Perez, and Stanford Steve. The podcast also offers insights into some of Las Vegas’ old-school codes.

5. Beating the Book with Gill Alexander

Beating the Book is a familiar phrase among most sports bettors and gamblers. This is because this podcast is one of the best across the country and beyond its borders. It has consistently been featured on the Top 100 Sports Category and received recognition from several other charts.

Beating the Book is hosted and presented by Gill Alexander, a host on the Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN). The podcast covers a wide range of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and golf, among others. Alexander is all about the numbers. He is famous for his expertise in MLB handicapping. His analysis is often correct, and it has come in handy for many gamblers more than once.

6. Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

If you are familiar with the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, then you should be familiar with Cousin Sal. Cousin Sal has been increasing his focus on sports and sports betting over the past few years. He has graced several of the top-rated sports networks, including SportsCenter, to give his insights on possible sports outcomes. Most recently, however, Cousin Sal started his own sports podcast on the Ringer Podcast Network.

His podcast, titled Against All Odds, is all about sports betting. Sal and his co-hosts spend most of their time determining promising wagers and are always more than willing to share their tips.

7. Gambling with an Edge with Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin

Bod Dancer and Richard Munchkin know more about the lucrative Las Vegas gambling industry than the average sports analyst. Gambling with an Edge is one of the best sports betting podcasts in Sin City, and it is most popular for its accurate analysis and predictions.

Gambling with an Edge provides analysis on a variety of casino games and shares tips and tricks for beating the house a majority of the times. The podcast also offers analysis on many sporting events in baseball, football, and basketball, among others. The podcast airs once a week, but you are guaranteed to find it live for special sporting and gambling events.

8. Even Money with Ross Tucker and Fezzik

Fezzik is a popular name in the sports betting industry. Ross Tucker, on the other hand, is an up-and-coming sports bettor and analyst. This is a textbook story. Tucker is a former lineman with the NFL who spent thousands of hours with NFL players both in the field and the locker rooms. This gives him an in-depth knowledge of the sporting world as evidenced by his often-accurate predictions.

This podcast is enjoyable and even humorous considering the duo’s interactions and input. It discusses a wide range of sports but mostly focuses on football, baseball, and basketball.

9. Best Strategies with Mike “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford

Mike Shackleford is indeed a wizard of odds considering his reputation in the gambling industry. Shackleford is a pro when it comes to gambling, and his specialty is casinos. He knows all the secrets to win a wide range of casino games and tell whether the odds are for or against you. He also touches on sports betting, especially for the NFL and NBA leagues. However, his podcasts are not consistent and do not come on a fixed weekly schedule like most other podcasts.

10. You can Bet on That! with Mark DeVol and Dr. Mike

Last on the list is this engaging and sometimes hilarious sports gambling podcast by Dr. Mike and Mark DeVol. The duo is a pair of hilarious characters who add humor to their analysis and captivate even the uninterested listener. The podcast mainly focuses on casino gambling and has helped many amateurs master lucrative casino games with ease.

It also provides analysis on major sporting events and has issued accurate predictions many times in the past. And, while this podcast is as informative as any other on the list, it brings a lax approach and fun back to sports even when there is money on the line.

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