Best Niagara Falls Casinos

niagara falls casino

When thinking of taking a trip to Niagara Falls, you probably don’t think of the wealth of casinos that surrounds it. The sheer number of casinos that have been built around the area offer a wide range of different locations and services that will let you stroll from the beauty of the falls straight to the excitement of the casino floor, making sure your trip is never a dull one.

1 – Niagara Fallsview Casino

One of the best casinos in on the Canadian side, Niagara Fallsview Casino offers it all — a wide selection of table games and slot machines, various events and tournaments, and even live entertainment. There is absolutely no doubt that you will find something you like within the casino’s impressive 200,000-square-foot floor. This casino immediately evokes a trustworthy and legitimate feeling the minute you walk in the door.

The contemporary décor gives the whole casino a modern feel. As far as games are concerned, this casino offers all the regular slot machines and table games, such as craps and roulette. So, a veteran casino-goer will have no problem finding a game he or she feels comfortable playing. There are plenty of newer games for those older players who are looking for a different experience or a higher challenge. Newcomers shouldn’t be afraid, however. There are plenty of slots and table games designed to help beginners and teach them the rules of the game in a straightforward way.

Along with a great selection of machines and games, this casino also offers live entertainment in the way of singers and comedians. Now known as one of Canada’s “premier live entertainment destinations,” this casino attracts big crowds and even bigger stars. Names, such as John Legend, Pitbull, and Steven Tyler, should show you just how big this place is. Often the 1,500-seat theater is completely packed every night of the week, so make sure you plan ahead and book your tickets well in advance to see the shows or acts of the decade.

This casino also hosts several catering locations that all offer a wide array of different foods. The R5 bar offers a rendezvous point with style, providing a gorgeous selection of local wines and beers. It also offers those who are hungry a selection of tapas meals all presented in a location with an unbelievable view and excellent service. The 21 Club offers an amazing array of steak and seafood dishes that are sure to please the hungry. The local Italian restaurant, Ponte Vecchio, brings an incredible sense of style to your evening while also providing you with delicious traditional Italian cuisine and wine. The Golden Lotus, the Sushi and Oyster Bar, and the Noodle Bar give you a large selection of Chinese and Asian cuisine if that is what you desire. And, of course, there are a great number of bars and lounges scattered throughout the casino complex, all offering a stylish and relaxing meetup point with an incredible view.

2 – Casino Niagara

While appearing a lot more dated than the Fallsview Casino, the Casino Niagara, also on the Canadian side, is still considered one of the best in the surrounding area. Offering a sea of traditional slots and table games, this casino is more geared toward players who know what they are doing and those who have come to play the games and are not bothered by the extra tassels that more modern casinos offer. Giving the player 95,000 square feet of gaming options to wander up and down all night, it can be assumed that everyone will find a game that suits him or her.

If slots are your particular choice of game, then you should have no fear whatsoever. Casino Niagara offers two whole floors of slots that range from penny machines to $5 ones. This allows players new and old to come and play and spend exactly what they want. Newcomers have the choice of learning the game for cents, and veteran players have the option to wager more for a game they’ve been playing for years. Of course, this casino also hosts the traditional table games, such as blackjack and high-card flush, so you needn’t worry if the slots aren’t really your thing.

Casino Niagara also offers some live entertainment in the form of live singers, local bands, and tribute acts. These lively performances are sure to keep your spirits up no matter how your luck on the tables is going. This venue also has a large buffet that definitely gets the job done. Market Buffet, as it’s called, provides you with an unlimited amount of pizza, Mediterranean food, Asian, chicken, and beef and fish dishes, as well as a wide array of desserts, including cheesecakes, cookies, and pastries.

3 – Delta Bingo

This choice is for all the bingo lovers out there. Delta Bingo has been designed with the casual player in mind. Boasting a very friendly atmosphere with impeccable service, this bingo hall is ideal for casual players who want to spend a few hours having a go at bingo after a long day at the falls. With very low pay-ins, this bingo hall is perfect for those who are new to the game, and even if they have never played a game of bingo, they are sure to enjoy their first trip to Delta Bingo. A very clean and modern looking hall marks Delta Bingo as an establishment that has truly earned its 50 years of experience in the business. Additional dining options are also available here.

The Red 7 Eatery offers a menu with a great range of items, from classic burgers to picnic-style foods. Everything is reasonably priced and of the highest quality. It is sure to fill that hole in your stomach while the bingo fills that hole in your pocket. To make matters even better, Delta Bingo gives the proceeds from its charitable games straight to local charities. So, it is a great way to give back to the community.

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