Best Camera Drones Under $200

Best Camera Drones Under $200 1

Drones are an incredibly fun piece of technology. You’ll know if you’ve ever had your hands on one. There’s just something about watching a drone soar through the air on your command that seems so engaging.

However, drones, especially those fitted with cameras, are rarely on the affordable side because of the high-end technology inside them. But, luckily, not all camera drones require a blood sacrifice to purchase. Here is a list of the candidates for the title of best camera drone under $200. We detail their benefits and the areas in which they are slightly lacking.

The Yuneec Breeze

yuneec breeze drone

This small but highly impressive quadcopter is proof that quality does not always mean quantity. This set only costs around $150 to $200 and has an impressive arsenal of features for that price. This drone operates on a one-axis mechanical gimbal that can be easily adjusted and controlled by your smartphone. This drone also has electronic image stabilization software that is able to smooth out any video footage you take while the drone is in the air.

The camera on the Yuneec Breeze is capable of capturing up to 4K footage if you turn off the electronic image stabilization software. That means the video may not look as smooth when in motion, but it will be in pure 4K. This drone can even be paired with a compatible Bluetooth remote for an increased amount of flexibility and flight control when it is airborne. Several modes are also available for this drone, some of which include an orbit mode, a journey mode, and a follow-me mode.

One con of this drone, however, is the flight time is fairly limited. It only allows for 11 minutes of airtime. This means any video footage would need to be planned out well in advance if you require specific shots. Otherwise, the battery will run out before your first shot is even set up. Another con is the range of the drone is also very limited. It only offers 100 meters for the drone to freely move in. These issues may hinder the drone’s quality overall, but for such a reasonable price, there have to be compromises somewhere down the line.

The Zerotech Dobby

zerotech dobby

This camera drone is an incredibly efficient one. It boasts a very impressive camera and is also very portable. The drone is fitted with a 4K camera that captures extremely sharp images. But, video footage can also be smoothed out afterward by using the camera’s electronic image stabilization software. This will down-res the video footage from 4K to 1080p but will produce footage that runs much more smoothly. The Dobby also has an array of different modes to try while it is airborne, such as object tracking and orbit modes. There are also several beginner modes that allow newcomers to easily understand how the drone works, making the drone perfect for those who want to get into the hobby.

There are, however, a few downsides, one of which is the lack of a remote. This drone does not include a remote but is instead controlled by a smartphone or tablet. However, this app does not work with every phone or tablet, so we would encourage you to make sure your choice of hardware is supported before you purchase it. While this drone has a higher range than the Yuneec Breeze, it is still fairly limited. It only reaches up to around 200 meters. Similarly, the flight time of the drone is very low, only nine minutes. That means any required footage should be planned out well in advance since you are very limited on time.

This drone is a fairly pricey one, coming in at $199. Therefore, it just makes it on to this list.

The MJX Bugs 2

mjx bugs

This drone is designed primarily for fun. Where the last two options on the list have been choices that mainly focus on the video-taking process itself, this drone focuses on speed and flight aerobatics. This drone does come fitted with an HD camera. It is just lacking the electronic image stabilization that is usually included in camera drones. Therefore, the footage you receive will not be as smooth as other camera drones that include a 4K camera. The B2W version of this drone includes a first-person perspective in which the user can view live footage from the drone’s perspective.

This drone also has a return-to-home feature but lacks any orbit function. There is also no way to program specific GPS waypoints, which is a bit of a shame. The Bugs 2 does have an incredibly impressive range of 1,000 meters though, which is much higher than the slower models that feature 4K cameras. The flight time of the drone is also impressive, ranging up to around 20 minutes of flight time on a good day.

This drone will set you back around $199 with additional models available at higher prices, ranging up to around $299.

Hubsan H501S


This quadcopter from Hubsan is a very popular drone on the market. This drone is another choice that is based on fast flight and aerobatics rather than completely smooth video footage. The Hubsan is fitted with an HD camera that lacks the electronic image stabilization software that is often included in drones fitted with 4K cameras. This means the footage you receive from the drone may not be as smooth as you had hoped. However, the image is still crisp and sharp despite the speed the drone can reach.

The remote for this drone offers a first-person perspective via a built-in screen. This lets the user watch the live video footage that is being taken by the drone. Several modes are programmed into this drone, such as a follow-me mode and a return-to-home mode. Flight time for this drone is rather lengthy, coming in at around 20 minutes of airborne flight time. Similarly, the range of the drone is not too bad, allowing the drone to reach up to 300 meters, which is quite good considering it is always displaying a live feed on the remote.

This drone usually costs around $199, with “pro” models coming in at around $325.

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