2018 Guide to the Best Casinos in Monaco

best casinos in monaco

When it comes to a dizzy combination of glitz, glamour and gambling, the fabulously wealthy Principality of Monaco has very few equals. The House of Grimaldi, the family that has been ruling the tiny city state since the 14th century, made their fortune from gambling and continue to ensure that the city remains a Mecca for both serious gamblers and recreational gamers from all over the world. Today, there are several casinos in the city state that can hold their own as among the best in the world.

So, here are the best casinos in Monaco.

1 – The Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo

Opened in the mid-1800s, the Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is the first casino in Monaco and the casino that changed the city state’s fortunes. An entire city was built around this spectacular casino so that it now lies at the center of a ‘city within a city’ that includes the Oceanographic Museum, an opera house and numerous jewelry stores. At the heart of the casino is a magnificent atrium that is surrounded by more than two dozen onyx columns.

This casino in Monaco consists of three rooms with more than 35 gaming tables and 350 slot machines among them. The rooms are called salons, each offering something different from the other two. The Les Super Prives is for special guests by invitation only and the Salle de Ameriques and Chermin der Fer salon are open to everyone. The salons have towering ceilings and are embellished by beautiful tapestries, crystal chandeliers and ornate moldings.

The casino is almost eclipsed by the rich history and mindboggling wealth that are on display in every corner of the historic building complex. Inside the gaming room, the entire atmosphere oozes class. You will hear none of the raucous whooping and hollering that you may be accustomed to in a Las Vegas casino. Rather, every win is accompanied by a gentle applause, indicating that this is a casino for the rich and famous.

The only drawback is the strict criteria for entrance. Unlike in most casinos, you can’t walk in casually dressed in jeans and t-shirt. You have to be dressed in tuxedos and cocktail dresses and on some nights, you may be required to provide proof that you have the cash to play at certain high-stake tables. During the annual film festival in nearby Cannes, the casino is open only to the superrich film stars and VIPs. For anyone who is anyone, being seen in the Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is a status symbol. No wonder this is James Bond’s favorite casino.

2 – Le Casino Café de Paris

The Le Casino Café de Paris is another Monaco casino with a long history. Located in a building that was built in 1854, this luxurious casino is today a paradise for slot machine enthusiasts. The casino has hundreds of state-of-the-art slot machines that include themed machines (featuring games like Alien versus Predator, Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings), electronic roulette (including such games as Pinball, Video Roulette and Organic Roulette), video machines (offering games like Pirate Battle, The Sphinx 3D and Little Green Men), and classic slot machines (offering 12 high-denomination video poker machines).

But it’s not just slot machines that the casino is famous for. There are multiple gaming tables that offer English Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Ultimate and Punto 2000 Dragon Bonus to serious gamblers. Dragon Bonus is an optional side bet that offers winners the possibility to win 20 times their initial bet.

Inside this casino in Monaco are three luxurious restaurants: Cote Jardin, Le Grill and Le Louis XV. The last is a 3-star Michelin-rated restaurant owned by the world-famous chef Alain Ducasse. But perhaps the true marvel of the casino are the wine cellars which contain about half a million bottles of the finest wines, some of which are hundreds of years old.

Despite being located in a 19th century building, Le Casino de Paris has a very modern interior with a science-fiction theme that looks like something straight out of Star Trek. Perhaps the best feature of the casino are the two terraces where gamers can relax and enjoy a few drinks in the setting sun while playing slot machines.

If you are looking for the perfect place to spend a night playing exciting games, then Le Casino Café de Paris is the perfect place. Owing to its sheer size, it is a lot easier to get into on busy nights than Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo.

3 – Monte Carlo Bay Casino

The newest casino in Monaco, the Monte Carlo Bay Casino is one of the few casinos in southern Europe that use the TITO (ticket in/ticket out) technology that utilizes on-board barcode technology instead of traditional coin hoppers. Located in the heart of the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort, this ultra-modern casino has 145 state-of-the-art slot machines offering a variety of exciting games.

The smallest casino in Monaco, it doesn’t host any table games; but if you are a hotel guest, you can enjoy some of the best spa and lagoon swimming pools in Monaco as well as a quick game of tennis. But you will be so engrossed in the slot machines that you will probably not have time for all these.

For those who wish to stay overnight, the Monte Carlo Hotel offers 4 hectares of gardens and luxury on its own beautiful little peninsula by the Mediterranean Sea. Undoubtedly one of the most scenic hotels in the world, it has 334 rooms with sea view and balconies, 3 top class restaurants and a bar with sea view terrace that offers a whole new experience of this coveted destination.

4 – Sun Casino

Located inside the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel, the Sun Casino is known for its trendy atmosphere, festive ambiance and a cosmopolitan clientele. This casino is all about having fun, which is made evident by the hundreds of big screens showing major sporting events live. There are multiple gaming tables that offer English Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Craps and Punto Banco to serious gamblers. For recreational gamers, there are 195 slot machines that offer the latest games.

The casino’s restaurant, called Circus Restaurant, opens daily from 7 pm in the evening till midnight and then from midnight till 2 am in the morning. After midnight, it transforms into an American-style ‘After-dinner’ lounge. The casino hosts live music acts and DJs every weekend from 10pm till 2:30am. The Société des Bains de Mer operates slot machine tournaments, tombola and Novomatic tournaments throughout the year.

Monaco is open to visitors throughout the year but the best time to visit, if you have casino Monaco in your mind, is summer because that’s when the party atmosphere really kicks in. A gambling trip to Monaco comes with the added bonus of opportunities to mingle with the world’s rich and famous in an enchanting atmosphere that boasts plenty of sun, sea, sand and beautiful people.

5 – Monte Carlo Sporting Club & Casino

Open during the summer season only (from the first of July until the end of August), the Monte Carlo Sporting Club & Casino has 24 gaming tables and more than 60 slot machines.

The games offered at the gaming tables include American roulette, English roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Punto Banco, 30/40 and Chemin de Fer.

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