best chinese smartphones 2018
Blog 06-07-2018

Best Chinese Smartphones 2018

Today’s Chinese smartphones can give any smartphone by any manufacturer, including Apple and Samsung, a run for its money. So here are 7 of the best Chinese smartphones of 2018.

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fine slot tampering
News 05-07-2018

Sports Betting and Online Gambling Billing Passed in Michigan

About a week ago, representatives in the Michigan House finally managed to pass the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. It was supported by 68 legislators. It would be important to note that the bill had been tabled since January.

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best 2018 gaming earbuds
Blog 02-07-2018

Best 2018 Gaming Earbuds

However, finding one that fits exactly into your ears can be problematic. But size is the not the only thing that matters when looking for the best gaming earbuds.

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Africa Resorts Casinos
News 30-06-2018

Plans for the Construction of First Casino in Long Beach Underway

Long Beach, Miss., has never had a single casino within its boundaries. This, however, is expected to change soon as several developers are implementing plans to set up the city’s first casino.

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fsb partners with paddy power
News 27-06-2018

FSB Partners with Paddy Power, Jade

FSB Ltd., an online service platform provider based in the United Kingdom, revealed plans that will see it launch its first Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) in partnership with the Irish bookmaker and gambling firm Paddy Power, as well as Asian firm Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies.

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tennis betting
News 22-06-2018

Tennis Has ‘Serious Integrity Problem’ With Betting, Says Independent Review

Called the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis, the lawyers found a “tsunami” of corruption with regard to tennis and sports betting, and found matches were thrown in order to get a payout even in the lower levels of tennis.

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cheapest buffet vegas
Blog 22-06-2018

Cheapest Buffets in Las Vegas

Even though Las Vegas is known for its variety of entertainment, including gambling and live shows, there are also lots of great places to eat in the area. Here are some of the cheapest buffets in Las Vegas that offer delicious meals at affordable prices.

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blackjack insurance
Blog 15-06-2018

How To Bluff in Poker

Knowing how to bluff in poker is one of the key tricks all serious players need to learn. However, it isn’t as easy as it might seem. A poker bluff isn’t just about what you say or do. It’s also about what you don’t say and what you don’t do

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slots tournaments
News 13-06-2018

James Packer’s company fined for altering gambling machines

James Packer, billionaire former executive chairman of Crown Resorts, was on the receiving end of the largest fine ever issued by gambling regulators in the Australian state of Victoria.

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las vegas
Blog 11-06-2018

How to Bet on Sports in Vegas

For a newcomer, the idea of betting in the largest casino city on the planet can seem like a very daunting task indeed. Well, fear not. This small guide aims to give you a slightly more informed look into the world of Vegas sports betting and show you exactly what to do and how to bet when you’re there.

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