70 Ways to Say Good Luck

70 Ways to Say Good Luck 1

Keep it simple.

Want to keep it secular, or cut the idea of luck out of the mix?

Tired of saying the same thing over and over? Here are a few go-tos.

Break a leg.

Use your head.

Be careful.

Knock ‘em dead.

You’ll do great.

Let me know how it went.

Blow them away.

Best wishes.

Fingers crossed.

Do your best.

Quote something.

The old bards said it best. Why say “good luck” the traditional way when you can reference

something brilliant?

Live long and prosper. (Star Trek)

Have fun storming the castle! (The Princess Bride)

Good premises. (Ayn Rand)

Go forth and conquer. (Arthur O’Shaughnessy 1874, unconfirmed)

Fortune favors the bold. (Latin Proverb)

Be British (Captain Smith of the Titanic, apocryphal)

Use another language.

Luck is wished on people in different ways in different places. “Schwein haben” is a personal

favorite which literally means, “have pigs.”

Buena suerte. (Spanish: Good luck.)

Viel Glück. (German: Good luck.)

Alles Gute. (German: All the best.)

Schwein haben. (German: Have pigs/Have good fortune.)

Bonne chance. (French: Good luck.)

Buona fortuna. (Italian: Good fortune.)

In bocca al lupo. (Italian: In the mouth of the mother wolf/Be safe.)

Jūk néih hóuwahn. (Cantonese: Good luck.)

Gokoūn o inorimasu. (Formal Japanese: Good luck.)

Ganbatte. (Informal Japanese: Do your best.)

kalí tíhi. (Greek: Good luck.)

İyi şanslar. (Turkish: Good luck.)

Bol şans. (Turkish: Break a leg.)

Saubhāgya. (Hindi: Good fortune.)

Bi’t-tawfiq. (Arabic: Good fortune.)

Call on a higher power.

It doesn’t have to be God, but at least in this list, it’s mostly God. Check the next section for

other religious and spiritual ideas.


God be with you.


Give a gift.

Some good luck gifts are common yet full of meaning. Others are rare and expensive yet

meaningless to the receiver. The goal is to find the gift that means the most to the one who will

receive it.

Four leaf clover (Irish)

Acorn (Norse)

Rainbow (Judeo-Christian)

Amber (New Age)

Shooting star symbol (New Age)

Bamboo (Chinese)

Rabbit’s foot (Hoodoo)

Wishbone (Ancient Etruscan)

Goldfish (Buddhist)

Dolphin miniature/picture (European sailors)

Beckoning cat miniature/picture (Japan)

Horseshoe (Saint Dunstan 959)

Lucky penny (England)

3 keys (Ancient Greece)

Dream catcher (Ojibwe Native Americans)

Laughing Buddha miniature/picture (Buddhist)

Cross (Christian)

Birth stone (Judo-Christian)

Use good luck herbs.

Make a pouch of herbs to carry in a pocket, sprinkle it into food, or hold it in your hand and blow

it onto your friend’s face. Results may vary.





Rose hips





Provide a good luck snack.

When a friend or group of friends will be at the casino all day, or they do not have time or the

frame of mind to make a meal, a little food goes a long way, especially when that food is hand-

picked for good luck.

Long noodles (Asia)

Lentils (Italy)

Pomegranates (Mediterranean)

Black-eyed peas (Southern United States)

Fish (Around the world)

Take action.

Actions speak louder than words.

Knock on wood. (German)

Throw salt over your shoulder. (Christian)

Cross your fingers. (Western Europe)

And finally…

Good luck!


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