4 Lucky Colors and What They Mean

4 Lucky Colors and What They Mean 1

What you wear may affect your gambling odds. Find the color that fits your goals at the online


Red: Prosperity

For the gambling enthusiast, red is the most classic and reliable color, coming from Chinese

tradition. More than just wealth, the prosperity that red symbolizes means a wholesome way of

life. It may not even mean riches at all, just a comfortable living and hard work to keep it up. For

immense riches, you may have to look elsewhere. For something that lasts, this is the color to


Alternative Meaning: Romance

It’s getting frisky at the gaming tables. One of the most popular ways to get good luck out of the

color, red, is to wear red underwear. See how two and two go together? It can make for a very

fun night.

Green: Luck

Not just for gamblers, green covers every aspect of good luck in every part of life. From Irish

folklore, green has made its footprint in American tradition and become something new. For

good luck in every situation, green is there. For something more focused, keep on shopping.

Alternative Meaning: Money

Nothing is green like cash. Actual cash is actually a pale sort of light green, but whenever dollar

bills show up in a game or as an icon on a computer, they are always a bright, glorious green.

Tempting? Go green.

Gold: Wealth

When it comes to gold levels of wealth, the focus is no longer on just ordinary money. Gold-

based wealth goes back to a time when riches were a birthright and working was for the poor.

Gold-based wealth is so much more than money-based wealth could ever be, because it never

goes away. On the other hand, it goes back to a time before dental hygienists.

Alternative Meaning: Fool’s Gold

Unless you are opening your favorite online casino while decked in authentic 18k gold, the color

is bound to look a little fake. Cheap gold-colored clothing looks and feels cheap, and is probably

not doing you any favors impressing anyone.

White: Perfection

Are you going for an amazing play of craps or a long winning streak? As a symbol of purity in

many ways, white embraces the ideal of no mistakes and nothing gone wrong. Perhaps with the

right use of white clothing and trinkets, this wish could even come true.

Alternative Meaning: Purity

White symbolizes many things including honesty, integrity, and goodness. Perhaps following the

same path that white entails will help with reaching perfection.

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