The Best and Worst Ways around Las Vegas

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Done right, a trip around Las Vegas can be quick and painless. It can also be glamorous and

unforgettable. On the other side of the coin, transportation can be arduous, miserable, and

needlessly costly. Before taking the plunge, take a look at the best and worst ways to get around.

For economy: The Monorail

No need to break the bank when traveling down the Las Vegas strip. From the MGM Grand to

the SLS Hotel, the most reliable way around is the monorail. One-way tickets are sold at the

station, but the best deal is to buy a pass for the length of the visit. A five-day pass, good for an

unlimited number of trips during a five-day period, is cheaper than a single taxi ride in traffic.

The monorail may only be good for trips up and down the strip, but it connects with the bus lines

for access around the city.

For glamor: A Limo

There are very few places around the world where ordering a limo is as easy as it is in Las

Vegas. For a simple pick-up from the airport, prices are comparable with taxi rates, but the cost

begins to shoot up. Short limos are available for affordable prices for short periods of time, but

large, luxurious limousines are also available. For those who wish to travel in style, a limo can be

rented for several hours at a time, or instructed to pick up at an exact time and place for the

ultimate dramatic effect.

For misery: Walking

It doesn’t get talked about much, but Las Vegas is actually in the center of an arid desert. The

sun is scorching throughout the day, and the summer temperatures creep over 100° Fahrenheit.

With no clouds in sight and no breeze to speak of, traveling more than a few blocks in Las Vegas

can be miserable for people accustomed to colder temperatures. Before committing to a forty-

minute walk to the next hotspot, take a look at the other options.

For price: A Taxi

Most buildings on the Las Vegas strip have a dip near the entrance just for taxis to pull in. It may

be tempting to step inside and say where you are going. After all, this form of transportation

requires no research, just the knowledge of where to go next. The problem is that the foreboding

price does not hold a candle to the mediocre customer service. When even a single other option

stands, it may be time to say no to taxi service.

Aside from these four, there is only one basic option left: the bus system. Buses are affordable

and travel almost anywhere in the city, but often require personal experience traveling the

particular area by bus. Bus routes can also be navigated by the map apps on smart phones, for

those who are brave enough to set out inexperienced. For good or for bad, the bus system is the

middle ground of Las Vegas transportation.

This has been the five main forms of transportation throughout Las Vegas. Hopefully everyone is

a little more prepared for a trip down to the city of lights.

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