Winning Poker Hands: Most Common to Least

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We all know the royal flush is the best hand to have, but what about the hands that actually show

up? This list will help to find which hands are worth holding onto, and which just won’t make

the cut, especially when you are playing online or with live opponents.

First, the common hands which are worth keeping in play.

1. Two Pair

Though it doesn’t turn up super often, the two pair is the hand which wins more than any other

hand in the game. Why? It sits right in the middle between being common and being valuable.

Two pairs is always worth keeping, even if the prankster on the other side of the table seems sure

of their hand.

2. One Pair

Believe it or not, a simple pair wins the game almost one third of the time. Not all pairs are

created equal, however. There is a good chance that multiple people around the table have a pair,

so it’s a good idea to only stick with the higher cards. 8 through Ace are the best bets. 7 and

below are less likely to win the game. The more people there are around the table, the better the

pair needs to be.

Next, the less common, more promising hands.

3. Three of a Kind

A two pair hand is more than twice as common than a hand with three of a kind, yet a three of a

kind is still five times more likely than a straight. It is more likely than not that no one else

around the table has a better combination.

4. Straight, Flush, and Full House

True, there are still better combinations out there, but one of these hands will win the game nine

times more often than a straight flush, royal flush, or four of a kind, simply because these rare

combinations almost never come up.

5. Straight Flush, Royal Flush, and Four of a Kind

Each of these hands is almost certain to win the game if they come up, but they rarely come up.

In fact, they only appear about 1% of the time, but when they do, they are a sure win. If only it

was easier to predict one of these combinations working out at the start of the game.

And finally, the common hands that almost never make the cut.

6. High Card

We’ve all seen it happen. Sometimes the high card takes the win. But exactly how often does this

happen? The answer is this: A high card wins approximately 2% of all poker games. There is no

good reason to stick around until the end of the game with a high card. Chances are the person

next to you is sporting at least a pair.

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