The Winning Margin for Each Bet

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How to tell if you are getting ahead or falling behind in the casino. Different bets have different

payouts, and different chances of winning. Because of all the different numbers being tossed

around, it can be tough to tell what winning even looks like. Here, we will go over how soon you

will need to win a bet in order to come out ahead at the online casino.


One of the riskier moves out there, a single roulette number also has one of the best payouts. A

player can sit on a single number for 34 rounds, as long as the ball lands on that number by the

end of that 34 th spin. Since there are only 38 numbers on an American roulette board, the odds

actually aren’t that bad. That is 34 chances to get just one number to appear.

Video Poker

It’s easy to stay afloat in this game by getting Jacks or better, with the occasional combination.

Two pair and three of a kind show up every now and then, and a flush or straight is not unheard

of. Even if none of these combinations are coming up, though, a single royal flush can turn

around a long losing streak. How long? The answer is 248 losing games. Even if 248 games go

by without a single Jack, it can all be fixed when the most powerful combination comes up. If

gameplay is a little more typical and about half the plays come through with at least a Jack, then

a royal flush doesn’t need to come up until the 499 th playthrough.

Slot Machine

The jackpot on a slot machine is going to vary a lot. Some stack, some stay the same. The

maximum number of coins also changes around, so predicting when the next maximum jackpot

will come around is a no-go. However, when it comes to any other combination, which is still a

huge amount of money, it’s a little easier to pin down. A slot machine straight needs to show up

by the 149 th spin. That means 148 spins earning nothing, and then a single spin to save the day.


There is one thing to take away about high-risk bets with huge payouts: the sooner the better.

There is a long time before the winning spin needs to show up, but the sooner it happens, the

more money will be netted in the whole process. If it takes too long for the winning spin to come

up, then when it finally does appear, the player will still be taking a loss. The sweet spot is right

after the start of play, before too many chips have been invested.

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