Truly Wearable Tech: Clothes with Integrated Technology

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You have your phone, your tablet, your computer of choice, and countless other high-tech gadgets, but what innovative convenience comes next? The ability to wear your gadgetry is no longer a sci-fi dream, thanks to a dazzling array of concepts and ready-to-wear products that give you tech savvy style. These pieces are fully functional and serve a purpose as well as looking phenomenal, so you need all of them in your wardrobe.

Smart Underwear for Health and Safety

Image via Flickr by Maria Ly

You can already find several underwear options designed to keep you healthy. Your mother’s insistence to always wear clean underwear takes on new importance when you consider the idea of a smart bra, for instance. Take your pick because there are several on the market and in the concept phase. The Numatrex bra is a sports bra with electrodes and electronic modules to monitor your heart rate. It sends the information to a corresponding watch, which makes the technology ideal for athletes, people who exercise, and patients.

There’s also technologically advanced underwear. Technically the technology works for clothes in general, but your underwear is close to your skin, which makes biosensors even more accurate. The idea is to use products like this on patients, so healthcare professionals can check their health even when they leave the hospital.

Better Form with Smart Socks

Clothing monitors are increasingly popular as more people try to exercise. Running has recently seen a particular surge, so any product that improves your running ability is sure to make a splash. Consider smart socks, which can track your steps, the distance you run, and your speed.

Then there are companies such as Heapsylon, which are working on socks that will also analyze your form, the way you run, and even your weight distribution, whether you’re in motion or standing still. That has potential for reducing injuries, and even improving posture.

Clothing with Affection

Sometimes you just need a hug. Would you believe that there’s some tech for that? Several companies market jackets or shirts that will hug you. These items are perfect for certain kinds of problems, from anxiety and fear to emotional and behavioral problems. However, hugs are simply healthy. You feel better after a hug.

Some of the newer technologies are even more advanced. Using an app, you can control your own hugs, or a parent or guardian can do so for a child. You can copy the exact pressure and form of your own hug and program it for someone you love—or someone can recreate their hug for you.

Outfits to Fit Your Mood

You may dress to fit your mood, but how would you like your outfit to broadcast your emotions? There are shirts that act as an ECG, while monitoring your breathing, your activities, and even your emotive stages. It does this steadily, so you can use an app to see the information at the end of the day. In theory, you can pinpoint your exact triggers for getting angry, crying, laughing, getting tired, or overeating.

The things you wear will soon become more important than ever, and it won’t have anything to do with fashion. Which of these would you want to buy?


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