Top 5 Most Gambled upon Sporting Events

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Sports book tote board

Sports book tote board

Sports betting is wildly popular throughout the globe and virtually any event can be bet on one way or another. Professional sports betting has an appeal and offers exhilarating energy to anyway who enjoys added incentive while watching and anticipating an outcome. Online gambling has exploded over the past decade and a half and we don’t predict any slowing any time soon.

5. Kentucky Derby

For those who might not be familiar with it, the Kentucky Derby is an annual event in which spectators can watch horses running in circles very fast. The event gathers a lot of attention. Gamblers place bets on not just which horse will come in first, but which will come in second, third, dead last, etc. Gamblers can also bet on which section of the ring the winning horse will start in.

4. Cricket World Cup

No, not the insect. The Cricket World Cup is watched with great anticipation in countries around the world, but perhaps not as much in the United States. Bets are taken far in advance of the tournament, with wagers based on the past failures and successes of the given teams. In the year 2000, there was a huge scandal in which the South African cricket captain, Hansie Cronje, admitted to accepting money from bookmakers. If you didn’t hear about it, you probably have a Western time zone.

3. Soccer World Cup

The World Cup for Soccer only takes place once every four years, and lasts for one month. Based purely on the number of dollars wagered for the full span of the event, the Soccer World cup may be more betted on than any other sporting event, even the Super Bowl.

2. March Madness

The month of the NCAA basketball tournament is called March madness for a reason. Basketball season may not have the same notoriety as the rush of chaos preparing for the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t stop excited gamblers from calling in every prop bet they can think of.

1. The Super Bowl

The final game of each NFL season is an explosion of shouting, cheers, high-fives, and crying that lasts from the moment the two competing teams are announced to when the last intoxicated fan is ushered out of the stadium. Fans are forced to make a difficult decision every year: whether to place a small bet and watch from home with friends, or whether to sell their car for the chance to buy a ticket before they sell out, then not have any money left over for a wager. Every year, fans bet more and more, with no sign of calming down.

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