Top 3 Betting Social Networks

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Last year 1.73 billion people used social networks around the world, a figure that equates to roughly one in four people. By 2017, that global market is expected to swell to 2.55 billion. As social networking becomes more popular, it’s not surprising to see sites popping up to connect people with a range of interests. Forget about the general purpose sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested in betting, these three sites are the social networks you want to be a part of.

1. Favourit: Social Sports Betting Network from Down Under

After successfully launching in Australia, Melbourne-based social sports betting platform Favourit began welcoming international sports fans last year.

Favourit lets sports lovers wager real cash or play with virtual currency to test out betting strategies. It’s integrated with leading international betting agencies including Paddy Power, Luxbet, and, and members need an account with one of these to bet with real dollars. Users can place bets, enjoy insights from expert tipsters and Favourit users, and see live scores and news from a range of sports including the NFL, NBA, and Australian favorites like rugby league and Aussie Rules. They can also chart their progress on leader boards and even win prizes.

A free iOS app complements the Favourit web channel.

2. BuddyBet: Sports Betting Social Network On the Up

Prague-based online gambling network BuddyBet has been nothing but successful since launching in 2012. Last year it cemented its future when it secured $3 million in funding. Private investors are excited about the site’s novel approach, which encourages users to bet against one another, rather than a computer.

BuddyBet users can bet for cash, virtual BuddyBucks or make things interesting with an action or stake. Perhaps you’ll win a free beer from your buddies or be forced to run down the street wearing only your briefs. BuddyBet currently focuses on sports, including ice hockey, soccer, and basketball, but plans to expand into other markets in future.

3. BettingExpert: Win Prizes on Sports Betting Social Network

There may be other sports betting social networking sites around, but BettingExpert boldly claims it’s “the social network of sports betting.” It’s British, so it’s not surprising to see sports like soccer, cricket, and rugby well represented. But the site does welcome members from all over the world, and many of them are happy to offer advice on the NBA and other American competitions.

You can’t actually bet on BettingExpert, but you can show off your betting prowess. The site encourages you to share your best sporting tips and read the advice of the site’s self-proclaimed expert members. If you’re one of the 40 best tipsters you could even win a share of

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