The Ticket to Winning the Lottery

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Do you think there is no way to improve your chances at winning the lottery? Think again.

Master these five tips and make the most of your Powerball numbers or any other lottery tickets.

This information comes from a self-made lottery expert who went from stumbling around in the

dark to winning seven grand prizes.

1. Don’t rely on quick picks.

Quick picks are numbers generated at random by a computer. Each one has an equal chance of

winning, aka next to none. There is one benefit to quick picks: since the numbers are picked by a

computer, they are more likely to be spread out, making a winning ticket more likely. However,

the same effect can be achieved by purposefully spreading out the numbers.

2. Forget about birthdays.

The problem with focusing on birthdays that it restricts the spread of numbers when the goal is to

spread out the numbers as much as possible. Since there are only 12 months in a year and as

many as 31 days in a month, the numbers cap at 12 and 31, leaving out most of the possibilities.

If the winning number is 81, for example, it will never be guessed through the month or day of

someone’s birthday. Instead, the goal is to spread out the guesses as much as possible using high

and low numbers.

3. Avoid trends.

Another reason to avoid birthdays and other trends: everyone is doing it. That means that if one

person wins with these numbers, someone else will, too. No one wants to share their winnings

with a stranger, so keep the numbers spread out.

4. Spread out the numbers.

It may be true that every number has the same chance of being drawn, but that doesn’t mean

using the same number over and over on a lottery ticket. After all, when is the last time the

winning numbers were 5-5-5-5-5-5-5? You may choose to use the same numbers on different

tickets, but make sure they are in different positions.

5. Keep a budget.

The more tickets you buy, the greater the chance of winning, but don’t count on winning every

time. In a game of chance, winning is never a guarantee, so always, always stay within your

means. In fact, plan to lose everything, and be pleasantly surprised when you win. Isn’t that what

gambling is all about?

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