How to Throw a Casino-Themed Party

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Color Scheme

The best color scheme for a casino look is black on red. The colors remind guests of roulette boards and poker chips as well as the color theme of a deck of cards. For a more vibrant atmosphere, all of the common poker chip colors can be used: Black, red, blue, green, and white.


For the full gambling experience, the drinks don’t just need to be mixed, they need to be mixed up. Hands down, the best parties have someone playing bartender. Since life is a gamble, spice things up with some salt and pineapple (which go well with Tequila), apple brandy (which mixes with gin), and ice cream (which can be dunked right into a glass of Sherry). The drinks should be as lively as a game of craps and as unpredictable as the Wheel of Fortune.


What if all you needed to win the Wheel of Fortune was to throw a dart onto the right piece of the pie chart? Print out a blowup copy of the Wheel of Fortune and glue it onto a piece of cardboard, and let the games begin.

Turn a craps board into a drinking game. All that free odds gibberish isn’t needed, just the pass line and the don’t pass line. Let’s see who wins!

Gambling games should be easy to set up and take down. There should be plenty of decks of cards, dice, and  poker chips on hand, as well as empty tables. To keep the place from looking dead, card tables can be folded and stowed away in the corner for guests to take out.


Who doesn’t want to go to a party wearing nothing but a bikini, a boa, and a whole turkey’s worth of feathers? Most people. But you’d might as well leave that option out there. There’s a lot that can be done with the dress code. The event could be black tie with decked-out poker tables, or sweatshirts and jeans with cards lying on the floor. The goal is to have fun, so know your audience, and your budget. If the invite says formal, the atmosphere must follow through. That means tuck the Ikea away and get out the good curtains.


The party music should be upbeat and simple. Club tunes and electronic music are going to be the best bet. Pop and choice video game songs are also fair game. For a more cerebral feel, take a look at

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