Best Systems To Beat Roulette

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online-rouletteThe ball drops, you’re not sure what to expect, and by the end of the night you’re out of money.
And no, we’re not talking about New Years Eve.
Roulette is seen by many as the ultimate game of chance — where timing, accuracy, and luck intertwine to either make you the night’s big winner or its latest victim. To make sure you find yourself in the former and not the latter, let’s take a look into the number one question all roulette players need to have answered in order to walk out a champion.

Where did the ball come down?

When the ball comes down, or ‘exits the track’, that usually gives you a good indication as to where the ball will land. Determine what number the ball initially comes down on and then wait to see where it finishes. The difference of spaces will provide you with a good indicator as to where the ball should land. While it won’t be exact every time, you’ll be able to judge the range of which the ball will settle in.
This is a long-term play in order to yield best results. The average dealer will often get 27-29 revolutions before the ball comes down, whereas a more seasoned and experienced dealer provides more stability and is more likely to get 28.5 revolutions on a consistent basis. The seasoned dealer will allow you to determine the ball’s drop location much easier.
Furthermore, it’s important to know what number the dealer dropped the ball into the track on. This will allow you to count the revolutions easier and see if the dealer develops a pattern.
Lastly, to answer this question you will need one virtue above all – patience. There is quite a bit of data to sift through before you can feel confident about making a bet.

How many revolutions the dealer gets on his spin, where he’s dropping the ball, and the average distance between where the ball exits and where it lands are all key pieces of data that need to be monitored before you can start making money.
Remain patient and wait for your opportunity to strike. When you do, you’ll be as prepared as possible to beat the wheel.

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