How to Spruce Up Your At-Home Gambling Experience

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With seemingly endless lists of online casinos to choose from, it may feel like gambling online

will never get dull, but sometimes it just grows into a droll routine. Luckily, playing gambling

games through a computer opens up endless possibilities for improving the experience. With a

personal computer in place of a slot machine, it is possible to do things that would never be

possible or approved of inside the casino.

Chat online.

It may not be the night for a big outing, but you and your gambling buddies can still keep each

other entertained. It can be especially fun to play the same game together, especially if that game

has a multiplayer option like online poker or bingo. Some social gambling games have a

chatroom set up so that you and your friends can chat with new people.

Stream it.

Have an interesting game going? Everything is better with an audience. To get a crowd going,

livestream what is going on using a service like Twitch.TV. It is also fairly simple to live cast

through YouTube. There is the option of posting the link onto Facebook or Twitter, or just letting

a couple audience members trickle in and out. It’s like having a personal entourage to celebrate

every victory and laugh ecstatically at every loss.

Treat yourself.

Eating and drinking at home is much cheaper than it could have been at the casino, so it makes

sense to take advantage of that. It’s enjoyable to try different treats every time, which may

require planning ahead of time, but it’s worth it. If everything is set up before you start gambling,

it’s almost like being hand-delivered treats by a server or a host. Almost, but not exactly on the

mark. At least everything’s made the way you like it.

Screenshot the memories.

At the casino, there is rarely time to take out a phone and take a picture of a winning roll, hand,

or spin. It’s certainly not allowed to wave a camera around while the other players are waiting

impatiently and trading suspicious glances. Online, there is always time. It may be fun to start an

album. The album doesn’t need to be just for successful games, either. Anything carrying a

memory, good or bad, is worth holding onto. At the casino, documenting important moments

would be nearly impossible, but at home, taking and saving pictures is easier than ever.


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