Get Spooked by Pirate Isle

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Here comes the slot machine we’ve all been waiting for, with dynamic and creative prizes,

stackable perks, and animations for every single symbol. This well-made pirate adventure game

allows players to explore a treasure map, discover keys, unlock chests, and live the life of an

animated, albeit 2-dimensional pirate.

Pirate Isle is fun, and not just as a slot machine, but as a game. It is up to the player where to go

and what to do as they rush to outrun the dreaded Ghost Pirate. Just like an RPG, Pirate Isle has a

beginning, a middle, and multiple possible endings. The ultimate ending can only be unlocked if

all five Treasure Keys are discovered and returned to the Ghost Pirate in return for 300 free


At a certain point between exploring a map and unlocking treasure chests, Pirate Isle ceases to be

a slot machine and starts to become something more. There may not be a word for it yet, but

Pirate Isle has truly reinvented itself. So far as the classic slot machine look and gameplay, this

game follows through with fully animated symbols.

The gameplay is buzzing with different winning combinations. The skeleton keys count not only

as wild cards but also toward free spins. Treasure chests are an easy way to earn free spins, but

they also provide real treasure in the right combinations. Spinning for three galleons triggers a

whole new level of gameplay potential. It is tough to go wrong when there is so much to win.

It may not happen often, but a secret level called the Broadside Feature is unlocked when certain

conditions are met. First, the player must be playing the Extra Bet. Next, the player must spin

and receive three or more Galleons. When this happens, the Broadside Feature is unleashed and

the game transforms.

During the broadside feature, the betting potential multiplies by five for every line. The player

may then compete to reach the top of the prize ladder, increasing the prizes. The player at the

very top of the prize ladder receives the Pirate’s Treasure Jackpot.

All of this may seem like a lot to handle, but it all comes together in the gameplay. Pirate Isle is

the place to be for an undoubtedly, unceasingly fun experience and a step into something new.

The dreaded Ghost Pirate is waiting for new visitors to arrive.

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