Slot Machine Myths and Truths Every Player Should Know About

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When it comes to slot machines, there’s a lot of speculation about how fairly the game is played. After all, you’re playing against a machine, can you be sure it isn’t rigged? Here’s the real truth behind some well-known slot machine myths that every player should know to have the best game playing experience possible.

Myth: Slots are Programmed for a Designated Payoff Cycle

The biggest myth out there is that slot machines are programmed to lose for a certain amount of spins before the win. For example, some people play slot machines for hours in hopes that after a specific number of games, they will win. A lot of people scout slot machine players and wait until they give up to sit down to go in for the win.


This myth about a designated payoff cycle is false. Every slot machine has a Random Number Generator (RNG) inside. Each spin is completely random and completely independent from all other spins.

Myth: Casinos change Slots from Loose to Tight and Vice Versa

This myth means that casinos mess with the Random Number Generator so that they control how many times a person can win on a slot. It makes sense that a casino would mess with a slot machine so that people start winning and come back to play, or that they start losing and keep playing to win. It’s the perfect conspiracy theory.


Yep, that’s right, this myth is busted. It is possible for casinos to access a microchip that put in the machine at the factory, but it costs more money than it’s worth and it’s a huge waste of time. They are better off purchasing a new slot machine with the desired pay out percentage.

Myth: A Certain Type of Coin Betters Your Odds

Some people believe that using hot or cold coins, and even old or brand new coins, will trigger something in the Random Number Generator and give them a better chance at winning.


This preconceived notion is totally false. It doesn’t matter what kind of coin you use (as long as it’s real), your chances of winning will be the same as they always have been.

Myth: Slot Cards Win Less Than Coins

Because slot cards come with a lot of extra perks, most people believe that casinos program the cards to win less than coins, in order to save money.


This myth is, of course, false. Both cards and coins have the same chances of winning since the Random Number Generator determines the outcome.

As you can see, most well-known myths about slot machines are not true. Casinos are not out to take advantage of their payers, as gambling is all about having a good time and playing the odds. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Just remember it’s all about letting go, having fun, and taking chances.

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