The Secret to Winning Roulette

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Not every gambling secret involves a complex strategy, bending the rules, or doing anything

fishy at all. In fact, this roulette secret is so simple, people have been using it for years. Like

most tricks, it’s not enough to know the gist of how it goes. To pull it off right, it is necessary to

know how to do it right.

Here’s the trick: Stick to the basic bets (red/black, high/low, even/odd). Double after every

losing bet. Be ready to keep laying down more and more bets until the win. Then start over.

Simple, right? The secret to doubling up is that you will always make up for the losses, and gain

some, too. So long as you can keep doubling up until winning, you will always come out ahead.

There are just a few pitfalls in the way.

Know how many times you can afford to double up.

Numbers stack up quickly. For example, you may start with a $5 bet. 5 becomes 10, 10 becomes

20, 20 becomes 40, 40 becomes 80, and soon enough you are betting $160 just to earn back $5. It

is important to know how many times you can actually afford to double up. It doesn’t happen

often, but sometimes a roulette table spins out 10 odd numbers in a row. It happens. If someone

is betting even and then10 odds appear, they need to be prepared to say goodbye to $2120. At

some point, it is time to let go, and it is important to decide ahead of time what that walking

away point is. It is more important to be able to double up more times than to bet a larger starting

number. Smaller numbers take more patience but are safer because they mean more chances to

win the money back.

Bring the right chips.

Have the exact chips at the ready to follow up each bet exactly. This will save time and hassle,

and help prevent mistakes.

Know the table limit.

Some tables have higher limits than others. There is no fun in setting up a foolproof roulette

system just to find out the necessary combination of chips is too large to be set on the table. It

may take some looking around to find a table limit that fits with this strategy. The best first place

to look is online casinos, which have clearly labeled table limits for all their games.

Make Your Plan, and Stick to It

Most of the time, it will only take a bet or two before a winning spin comes up. The ball landing

on a red space happens about as often as a coin lands on heads. It’s rare for a coin to land on tails

over and over. However, if the ball is not landing on the chosen target, the worst thing to do is to

get cold feet and walk away from a losing streak. The only way to win is to go all the way each


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