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How The House Makes Money On Roulette

For novice casino players, roulette is a rather simple game to start with. It’s quite clear what a Red/Black bet, Odd/Even, or Over/Under bet is. You have plenty of time to bet and you can even shadow your friend at the beginning to learn the ropes. Plus, if you just play red/black all night, you figure you’ll be able to at least break even.

But while the game may seem favorable for a cautious gambler, The House as always has the upper hand. While this isn’t breaking news, it is interesting to note just how The House tilts the odds in their favor so you have a better idea of how to adjust your expectations.

To put it simply, the casino makes their money by paying you less than the risk you’re inheriting. For example, if you put $10 on the number ‘19’ and you win, you will get paid out 35/1. While 35/1 is great, it is actually less than the 1/37 odds you inherited when you placed the wager. So if you think about it, everyone wins just a little bit when you make money.

This is also true for Red/Black, Odd/Even, and Over/Under betting as you double your money each time, even though there is a 19/37 chance of you losing.

Roulette is a great game for all gamblers and often times the tables are where the most amount of hysteria can be found when you walk into a casino. Keep these odds in mind as you wager and don’t let The House beat you!

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