Rick’s Big List of Casino Terms

Cashable Bonus

Cashable bonuses are online casino bonuses that the player is free to cash out when they please. This is distinguished from non-cashable bonuses (below).

Non-Cashable Bonus

Non-cashable bonuses are sometimes more lucrative than cashable bonuses (to entice the player to play for a while), but in exchange for the ability to spend like a boss, you cannot always cash out all the winnings. The rules and requirements of non-cashables vary, and sometimes after fulfilling certain prerequisites non-cashable earnings can become cashable.

Live Dealer Game/Casino

As you might have guessed, the live dealer option means that you are playing with an actual dealer, which of course means that the method of randomization comes from having a human shuffle the cards as opposed to a computer algorithm.

Gross Winnings

This refers to the total return on wagers—including the original bet.

Playthrough & Rollover:

The amount of time you have to play, or the amount of money you have to bet, before you can withdraw your funds.

Variance and Volatility:

High variance: big wins few and far between.
Low variance: lots of small wins.

Withdraw Wait Time

Typically there is a wait time of around 7-14 days when making a withdrawal from any online casino. This is the standard amount of time that it takes to process the payment.

Rated Player

Some players achieve a level of gambling skill whereby online casinos will give them some sort of a rating like “advanced player,” or “highly skilled player.” This generally does not signify much beyond the obvious: the casino watches out for talented gamblers.

Accredited Casino

This can refer to any number of third-party standards services. However, know that there is no “universal accreditation service.” So, when it comes to these types of judgements, it is best to take them on a contextual evaluation: is this judgement being reached by tempered community discussion, or has it hastily been decreed by a small sample population that is disgruntled about one specific issue or another.

RNG: Random Number Generator

As the name implies, the random number generator is a mechanism that generates ranbom numbers. In today’s context this almost always means a computer algorithm, but in days past this functionality was accomplished with physical means for approaching on “pure” randomness.

RTP: Return to Player

The return to player is often referred to as the ‘payout percentage,’ and it is basically the chances of winning when plotted out over a long period of time. Contrary to poplar opinion, the RTPs for online casinos are on average between 92% – 95%.