Real-Time Bets Coming to Sports Gambling

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Brand new innovations to camera and streaming technology is creating an all-new layer to sports

betting. The underdeveloped American sports gambling system can expect an upgrade with all

new ways to bet on entirely new aspects of gaming that would not be possible without this new


Using live streaming technology, players will be able to place bets on any and every aspect that

the designers can think of, from the number of times the ball will be dribbled before it reaches

the basket to whether the referee will call a foul. There is great potential for a more social aspect

of betting in which players can see their friends’ custom bets on social media and then choose to

either join in or take the opposing bet. Ideally, bets will be set and then resolved nearly

instantaneously while the game is still in progress, creating a rich and interactive experience for

the players.

To make this dream a reality, sports entertainment companies must first use their live video feeds

to create a streaming service just for gamblers. This sort of perk is already available in the UK,

where about 80% of sports betting is done in real-time. Next, this video stream must be

monitored for betting opportunities, and each bet resolved and rewarded. Likely, big-name

casinos will pick up the trend, and real-time sports betting will be available not only online but

on mobile and inside the casino as well.

With its complex history in gambling law, the United States may expect some delays compared

to more gambling-friendly areas such as the UK. In fact, the United States is estimated by the

CEO of the Sport Integrity Monitor to be five years behind the UK in sports gambling

technology. The problem lies behind the vague and constantly changing laws around sports

betting and other gambling acts that take place outside of a casino. Seeing the law constantly

being in sway, corporations are unwilling to invest in the expensive equipment and streaming

subscriptions necessary to start up real-time sports betting.

It may be a long time coming, but real-time sports betting is on its way to America. Easy access

to sports betting may change the face of how friends watch sports, from the playoffs to the Super

Bowl. Get ready to download a new gambling app that will finally bring players closer to the


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