Quit Tech: 5 Ways Modern Technology is Helping People Quit Smoking

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More than half of the 50 million smokers in the United States are actively trying to quit, but only about 1.5 million of them will actually succeed. Giving up this hazardous habit is overwhelmingly difficult, but these tech-inspired solutions are here to help.

Offering a Wide Network of Support

You may not have any close friends who are quitting, but that doesn’t mean you have to undertake this challenge alone. Thanks to online support groups, you can easily connect with others around your town or around the country. SmokeFree.gov offers instant messaging, text messaging, telephone hotlines, and online resources that will help you quit. Campaigns like Stoptober offer an organized challenge that you can embark upon with others.

Providing an App for That

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There’s an app for everything, including smokers who want to quit. NHS Stop Smoking is one popular option that offers a real-time cigarette counter and helpful tips. With the LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach, you can create a realistic plan for weaning yourself off cigarettes and dealing with cravings. Quit It Lite tallies not only the cigarettes you’ve avoided, but also the money saved and the tar you’ve kept out of your lungs. This app also lets you share your successes via social media, prompting a powerful influx of support.

Putting the Right Tools in Your Pocket

You don’t need a smartphone to carry a personal coach in your pocket. The My Stop Smoking Coach game for Nintendo DS features Allen Carr’s method to stop smoking. In the game, you create a personal profile, play mini games, get tips, and follow your progress as you make your way to a healthier, smoke-free future.

If you want the benefits of a best-selling publication and proven quitting method on hand without the time and effort that it takes to slog through an entire book, this game offers a compact and concise alternative. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers video games to reading.

Calculating the Benefits

Most people know that smoking is bad, but broad statistics don’t always translate easily to one’s daily activities. Online calculators can put your situation into more personal terms. Features like the Smoke-Free Days Calculator will show you how much money you’ve saved and how many days you’ve added to your life since you smoked that last cigarette. It also generates blog banners so you can share the good news.

Offering High-Tech Alternatives

E-cigarettes are the latest alternative for quitters who want the rush of nicotine without the tar and tobacco associated with cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, heat a combination of nicotine, chemicals, and flavoring to produce a vapor that users can inhale. The slim sticks physically resemble cigarettes and offer a similar oral experience that can ease the transition for quitters. Studies have shown that e-cigs are about as effective as the nicotine patch.

If you want to quit smoking, but the cold turkey method of willpower alone isn’t doing it for you, these tech-inspired tools could give you the edge you need for lasting success.

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