How to Play to Win and for Fun

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The debate is on: should gamblers go all out and shoot for the stars or should they cut back and

just play within their means? There is a dotted line that no one seems to catch onto, that it’s

possible to do both. Playing to win and playing for fun can and should be the same thing. If it’s

not okay to enjoy every aspect of gambling, then what is the point of showing up? The balance

isn’t always easy, but with a few pointers, it’s possible to play a high-risk game risk-free.

1. Pick a starting number.

When it’s time to have a big gambling night, pick an amount of money to bet that feels exciting

but not devastating. Don’t think of it as a budget, think of it as a ticket to a fun night, whether it’s

a night at home on the computer or at the casino.

2. Set a target.

If you are coming in with $50, then ending the night with $5 is losing, around $50 is pulling

through, and $100 is a victory. Instead of a simple monetary target, think of something you want

to buy, something that sits outside of the starting budget. It might be a new game, a new

appliance, a nice bottle of liquor, or a fancy meal. Every time you gamble, shoot for that target,

and when you reach it, go out and buy your prize. It’s worth the wait.

3. Don’t empty your pockets.

No one wants to go home empty-handed, even if all that’s left is pocket change for a drink.

Maybe set aside the winnings from a lucky bet, or maybe just call it a night when your pockets

are getting light. It will save you a walk of shame.

4. Bet large.

Forget everything you know about smart betting. It’s time to try out the unlikely bets with the big

payoff, the 1 in 38 chance of landing on a number in roulette or the 1 in 36 chance of rolling

snake eyes. Flipping a coin isn’t fun, and neither is betting on reds.

When worrying about money, it can be too easy to get caught up in the logistics of gambling,

only taking the safe bets and saving all the money. Keeping the rent money tucked away is

obviously important, but what about having fun? Make all the safe choices outside the casino,

but once inside, don’t forget to cut loose.

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