Pet Tech: 5 Innovations for Pet Owners

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Technology has changed your life in more ways than you can count, and it can help your pets too. Look at these five innovations in pet technology that are on the market today.

Whistle: A Pet Fitness Tracker

In the movie, “I, Robot” a robot was walking a bunch of dogs. This isn’t possible in real life yet, but there is technology that can help you ensure your pet gets enough exercise. For instance, Whistle is a collar that your pet wears to track activity, such as resting, walking, running, and even swimming (yes, it’s waterproof). This information is then viewed in an app dashboard to let you know if your pet needs more exercise. Whistle also alerts you of a sudden decrease in activity so you can check on your pet’s health.

Solar Chaser: Solar-Powered Cat Toy

Another awesome bit of pet tech is the Solar Chaser. It is a solar-powered cat toy that you attach to a glass window that gets sunlight. It is great because it encourages your pet to play even when you’re not at home. Pets have tons of energy and it’s not healthy for them to be sedentary. The Solar Chaser is essential for pet owners that don’t spend a lot of time at home.

Petcube: Laser Toy for Pets

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Just because you’re not at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t interact with your pet. There are toys that help you play. For instance, you can turn on the Petcube and play with your dog or cat on your lunch break. There is a camera that lets you see your pet and direct the laser when you want your pet to chase it.

PiP: A Facial Recognition App to Find Missing Pets

More than likely, your pet is going to escape from your yard or get lost at some point in his or her life. That’s why lots of people microchip their pets — it’s easy way for others to identify you as the owner. However, PiP (Positive Identification of Pet) is a less invasive way to keep track of your pet. It is an app that uses facial recognition technology to positively identify your pet if he or she becomes lost. All you have to do is upload your pet to the system and others can find your contact information from there if they find your pet.

The Woofer: Pet Vest Packed with Technology

If you love running with your pet, The Woofer is a great way to improve your experience. It is a tech vest that attaches to your pet with built-in speakers and a USB port. This means you can listen to music on your walk or run without messing with headphones. It also holds your iPod or MP3 player, so you only have to worry about a leash.

These are just a few innovations in pet tech that you can buy. Some other items include a remote pet feeder, digital pet IDs, GPS tracking devices, and pet treadmills. Do you have any fun pet tech at home?

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