The Online Gambler’s Snack Guide

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A message from your company’s computer help desk: Go out for lunch, people. A recent survey of 150 IT managers conducted by Sunrise Software, a British maker of programs that track help-desk activities, identified printer issues as the most common reason for a help-desk call. But it also revealed that in a typical one-month period, 56% of tech workers had to troubleshoot at least one food-related computer mishap. The things they encountered: everything from potato chips in a CD drive to desktops stubbornly stuck to a desk by unknown substances. In the U.S., keyboards are regularly rendered unusable by crumb buildup, spill-related stickiness, and foul odors from decaying food, says Jon Aumann, a field-agent manager for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, which serves small businesses and home offices. Aumann’s scariest memory: “I once found a sandwich inside a computer tower,” he says. “With a bite out of it.” –Ben Levisohn

It’s not easy getting up from an office chair to eat, but it is an unfortunate thing that must be

done, especially during a gambling marathon at the online casino. Ramen gets old fast, and

microwave meals start to add up in price. There has to be something delicious and easy, or at

least something that will keep you in the gambling mood while you prepare it. Luckily, there

actually are delicious snacks that fit these criteria, four in fact.

1. Poker Chip Nachos

What’s round like a poker chip and delicious on a tortilla chip? Pepperoni. Onions make

excellent white chips all in different sizes. Sliced olives fit the theme perfectly. For cheese, the

best bet may be a cheese stick cut into tiny circles. It might be shredded cheese. It’s really up to

you, but the chips definitely need to be circular.

2. Six-Sided Appetizer

One thing will definitely last you until the end of your gambling session, and that thing is six

different things. This dice-themed appetizer platter is best done on plates with built-in separators.

The idea is to pick out six very different things and then drop them in separate spots. Crackers,

fruits, and vegetables are a given, but try to be daring and really look at what is available. Go for

the most bizarre mix of foods available, then put them together into a six-sided side.

3. Doubled-Up Cookies

Not to name any specific brand or anything, but there is a specific type of cookie that looks like a

sandwich with two cookies on the outside and a sugary white filling in the center. That center

can be yanked out and piled up with another one to create a double cookie. Instead of taking a

loss, double up your cookies and try again. Let the deliciousness of doubling up be your fuel for


4. Fruit Trio

Slot machines have come a long way since their creation, but many of them still have the classic

fruit design printed on their reels. As Americans, we don’t eat enough fresh fruit, so you can

make a difference by opening up a classic slot machine in an online casino, and then eating three

pieces of fruit in a row. This is better for smaller fruits like berries or maybe clementines, but it’s

not unheard of to eat three apples, especially if they’re fist-sized.

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