Why do Online Casinos Give Bonuses

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When it comes down to it, online casino bonuses are free money for players. How can casinos

afford these bonuses? Why don’t land-based casinos have the same reward systems? Find out

why online casinos can afford to offer such great prizes, and why it is such a good deal for them

to keep providing these bonuses.

From online casinos to mobile apps, computerized gambling sources are saturated with ads for

free money. Some generous casinos such as Silver Oak offer more than five times the amount when the user

deposits as a bonus. Other incredible deals like the deposit bonus of $777 at Royal Ace give

players a large chunk of money, larger than seems possible.

How can online casinos afford to offer such tremendous bonuses? The bonus is the hook that

gets players turning to that casino and no other. When people get a nice bonus when they first try

out a casino, they come back to that casino again and again for more good deals.

Another factor is players aren’t always getting as much as they think they are. No-deposit

bonuses that seem like just a pile of cash actually require several rounds of betting before the

money sees the light of day. Say the casino only offers a $20 bonus, the player has to bet that $20

thirty times before finally being able to withdraw it. Huge wins do happen, but the most likely

scenario is the player bets away a portion of the $20 before being able to withdraw. For example,

if a player chooses to place just safe roulette bets like odd, even, black, or red, they will lose

about 3% of the bonus every time they bet and end up with around $8.50 at the end. The player is

still going home with free money, but the casino is willing to take the chance that most players

will keep playing.

What about the extravagant and expensive bonuses of hundreds of dollars? How do casinos

afford these. There is a good chance the explanation falls under advertising. Some online

casinos, especially mobile games, display video ads between games. These ads are usually not

the big money-makers for a casino, but they don’t hurt either. Whenever an online casino can

afford to offer a worthwhile bonus with no strings attached, they are likely sealing the gap with

these advertisements.

A third and trickier reason that casinos can afford the bonuses they do is how easy they make it

to break the terms. Each bonus only works if the player follows the rules, from how they qualify

for the bonus to how they withdraw it. Every game has its rules, and breaking these rules means

the bonus never reaches the player. Casinos count on a certain percentage of players breaking the

agreement, so this is something to watch out for.

The most important use for large online casino bonuses is competition. In land-based gambling,

there is hardly any competition. Casinos are few and far between except in gambling-dense cities

like Las Vegas. Online, players can go to whichever casino they wish at any time, so online

casinos do what they have to: offer the players a prize for picking them out. Competition is fierce

between online casinos, and it’s a good thing, too. The biggest bonus gets the most customers, so

there are dozens of amazing deals out there.

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